Development of Optical Fiber Harmonic Current Sensor

K.-Y. Shen, C.-S. Yu, S.-Y. Lee, S.-C. Wang, W.-B. Liao, C.-D. Cheng, H.-H. Tsai, and Y.-L. Chen (Taiwan)


optical fiber current Sensor, Faraday effect, harmonic current.


Since the high response and accurate characteristics of fiber sensing on the physical properties, an accurate measurement of harmonic current using an optical fiber current sensor is presented in this paper. Subject to the magnetic/optic effect the optical fiber current sensor is based on the Faraday effect of borosilicate crow glass for harmonic current measurement. By the configuration of the measuring system of light source, optical fiber, micro lens, polarizer, Faraday rotator and coil as well as the analyzer and detector. The magnetic effect fluctuation induced by current variation based on the magnetic/optic properties of Faraday rotator is thus applied successfully. Current measuring performance dependence is reported, a proper temperature compensation is needed, that an optical fiber temperature sensor will be developed for measuring system calibration. The experiment results are presented to guarantee the accurate of the sensor and it is suitable for harmonic current monitoring system, which implied a high speed response without distortion.

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