Robotics and Applications    (RA 2005)

October 31 – November 2, 2005
Cambridge, MA, USA
Editor(s): L.A. Gerhardt
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Track Artificial Intelligence and Telerobotics FreeSubscription
498-065 Stabilization of Delayed Teleoperation using Predictive Time-Domain Passivity Control
A. Iqbal, H. Roth, and M. Abu-Zaitoon (Germany)
498-070 A Metric for Quantifying Relative Difficulty of Dynamic Navigation in Fixed Environments
E. Aaron (USA)
498-099 Incremental Fuzzy Control for a Biped Robot Balance
E. Cuevas, D. Zaldívar (Germany, Mexico), and R. Rojas (Germany)
498-105 Collaborative Q(λ) Reinforcement Learning Algorithm - A Promising Robot Learning Framework
U. Kartoun, H. Stern, Y. Edan, C. Feied, J. Handler, M. Smith, and M. Gillam (USA)
498-108 "Interactive Spatial Copy Wall" Representing Bodily Actions of Remote Person in Pseudo Three Dimensions
S. Wesugi, N. Suzuki, T. Watanabe, and Y. Miwa (Japan)
498-109 Real-Time Stability Determination of the Man-Machine Interaction on Teleoperation Tasks
J.A. Mendez-Iglesias, V. Parra-Vega, and F.J. Ruiz-Sanchez (Mexico)
498-800 RISCBOT: An Experimental Telerobotic System
S. Patel, R. Sanyal, and T. Sobh (USA)
Track Space Robotics FreeSubscription
498-001 3-D Grasping during Serpentine Motion with a Snake-Like Robot
B. Atakan, A.M. Erkmen, and I. Erkmen (Turkey)
498-035 Study of Path Planning of Free-Floating Space Robot in Cartesin Space
W. Xu, B. Liang, C. Li, W. Qiang, P. Huang, and Y. Xu (PRC)
498-059 Dynamic Analysis and Speed Control of a Novel Micro-Platform Driven by Vibrating Motors
P. Vartholomeos and E. Papadopoulos (Greece)
498-060 Under-Actuated Space Robots: Physical and Algorithmic Constraints in Smooth Motion Planning
I. Tortopidis and E. Papadopoulos (Greece)
498-076 High Performance Position Control of an Autonomous Small Size Helicopter
K. Kondak, M. Bernard, G. Hommel, and D. Kopanev (Germany)
Track Modelling, Identification, and Control FreeSubscription
498-014 Vibration Control of a System having Non-Linearly Coupled Unmodeled Internal Degree of Freedom
J.K. Tar, I.J. Rudas, and P. Kerepesi (Hungary)
498-022 Wave based Control for Anti-Swing Motion of a High-Speed Crane System with Hoisting
T.W. Yang and W.J. O'Connor (Ireland)
498-023 An Approach for Bio-Mimetic Joint Motion Planning of Humanoid Fingers
B.-H. Kim (Korea) and S. Hosoe (Japan)
498-045 The M-Cubes Modules for a Novel 3-D Self-Reconfigurable Robot System
Y. Fei, J. Wan, and P. Xia (PRC)
498-053 A Decentralized Control Algorithm for Scalable Robotic Swarms based on Mesh-Free Particle Hydrodynamics
J.R. Perkinson and B. Shafai (USA)
498-061 Development of a Model-based Impedance Controller for Electrohydraulic Servos
I. Davliakos, P. Chatzakos, and E. Papadopoulos (Greece)
498-064 Modeling Compression Cutting of Biomaterial for Robot Control
D. Zhou, M.R. Claffee, K.-M. Lee, and G.V. McMurray (USA)
498-075 A Simulation Environment for Bluetooth Equipped Mobile Robots
R. Shepherd and S. Mansoor (UK)
498-086 An Improved APF Method for Path Planning in Unknown Environment
B. Ni and X. Chen (PRC)
498-088 Evaluation of Pulse-Width Controllers for Multi-Link, Revolute-Jointed Robotic Arms
K.W. Buffinton, A.D. Perkins, C.E. Beal, and M.C. Berg (USA)
498-116 Monitoring of Autonomous Threaded Fastening based on Curve Fitting and LSM Estimation
M. Klingajay (Thailand) and N.I. Giannoccaro (Italy)
Track Manipulators and Manufacturing Applications FreeSubscription
498-007 Mechanisms for the Movement of Piping Inspection Robot with Magnetic Elements
T. Yukawa, H. Okano, and S. Komatsubara (Japan)
498-013 Morphological Generation of Planar Mechanisms in Robotics by Sub-Chain Symmetry Approach
P. Mitrouchev (France)
498-017 Intelligent Control of a Two-Link Flexible-Joint Robot, using Backstepping, RBF Networks, and Direct Method
W. Chatlatanagulchai and P.H. Meckl (USA)
498-033 Motion Control of Underactuated Flexible Manipulator with Moment-Free Joint and Super-Light Link
F.E. de la Rosa Bocanegra, R. Umehara, M. Otsuki, and K. Yoshida (Japan)
498-041 Investigation into the Effects of Toolpath and Feed Rate Variation on Sculptured Surface Machining
A. Gittens, B.V. Chowdary, and U.R.K. Rao (Trinidad and Tobago)
498-057 Planning and Control of Planar Underactuated Marine Vehicles Subject to Linear and Quadratic Drag
F. Repoulias and E. Papadopoulos (Greece)
498-074 The Redundant SPRPP Manipulator
I. Juárez Campos and M. Ramírez Méndez (Mexico)
498-091 Automatic Cooperative Disassembly Robotic System
C. Díaz, S. Puente, and F. Torres (Spain)
498-096 Modelling and Development for Describing the Bearing Pattern of the Spiroid Driving
I. Dudás and Z. Balajti (Hungary)
498-118 Practical Applications of Affordable Multi-Purpose Robots
K. Ganeshan and R. Shukla (New Zealand)
498-120 The Redundant RPSPP Manipulator
I. Juárez-Campos and M. Ramírez-Méndez (Mexico)
Track Biomechanics FreeSubscription
498-020 Kinematic Analysis of the Workspace for Visual Perceptibility
B. Masih-Tehrani and F. Janabi-Sharifi (Canada)
498-021 Realities of Biologically Inspired Design with a Subterranean Digging Robot Example
R.G. Scott and R.C. Richardson (UK)
498-062 Force Control Law Design for a Five Degree-of-Freedom Haptic Mechanism
K. Vlachos and E. Papadopoulos (Greece)
498-069 Markerless Tracking and Surface Measurements in Biomechanical Applications
G. Schrotter (Switzerland)
498-801 Hyper-Sentient Robots
V. Selman, R.C. Selman, J. Selman, and E. Selman (USA)
Track Parallel and Mobile Robots FreeSubscription
498-032 Hidden Markov Models and Vector Quantization for Mobile Robot Localization
J. Savage, E. Marquez, F. Lepe-Casillas (Mexico), and M.A. Morales A. (USA)
498-039 Workspace Enlargement of a Triglide Robot by Changing Working and Assembly Mode
C. Budde, P. Last, and J. Hesselbach (Germany)
498-048 A Way to the Optimal Design of Parallel Robots with High Dynamic Capabilities
M. Krefft and J. Hesselbach (Germany)
498-100 Q-Learning with a Growing RBF Network for Behavior Learning in Mobile Robotics
J. Li and T. Duckett (Sweden)
498-102 Avoiding Crosstalk Among Mobile Robot Sonars with a Novel Coded Sequence
Q.-H. Meng, Y. Zhang, Q. Liang, and J. Wang (PRC)
498-103 The Architecture of GRPP: A Flexible Generic Reactive Path-Planner for Mobile Robots
F.M. Marchese (Italy)
498-110 Particle Filter based Small Mobile Robot Indoor Localization using a Rotary Sonar
Q.-H. Meng, X. Yun, Y.-H. Wu, and J. Wang (PRC)
498-112 Stability of Control Concepts for Constraint Robot Tasks based on Skill Primitives
T. Reisinger (Germany)
498-114 Robot Control based on Skill Primitives
M. Kolbus, T. Reisinger, and J. Maaß (Germany)
Track Computer Vision FreeSubscription
498-029 A Cooperative Stereo Matching Algorithm for Sewer Inspection Robots
A. Ahrary, L. Tian, S.-I. Kamata, and M. Ishikawa (Japan)
498-042 Single Camera-based Tracking of 3D Gestures
P. Menezes (France, Portugal), F. Lerasle (France), J. Dias (Portugal), and R. Chatila (France)
498-063 A High Resolution Full-Field Range Imaging System for Robotic Devices
D.A. Carnegie, M.J. Cree, A.A. Dorrington, and A.D. Payne (New Zealand)
498-068 A Task-Programmable Model for Robot Vision
G. Somma (Italy)
498-093 CiceRobot, A Cognitive Robot for Museum Tours
A. Chella, M. Liotta, and I. Macaluso (Italy)
498-097 Depth Measurement from Defocusing Image
Z. Liu and G. Shi (PRC)
498-115 Low-Cost Range Sensing for Laptop Robots
A. Davidson, B. Tribelhorn, T. Leung, and Z. Dodds (USA)
498-117 The Effects on Maximum Marginal Analysis in an Online Training Facial Recognition Environment
J. Zhou and J. Fan (PRC)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Artificial Intelligence and Telerobotics; Space Robotics; Modelling, Identification, and Control; Manipulators and Manufacturing Applications; Biomechanics; Parallel and Mobile Robots; and Computer Vision.

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