An Approach for Bio-Mimetic Joint Motion Planning of Humanoid Fingers

B.-H. Kim (Korea) and S. Hosoe (Japan)


humanoid fingers, bio-mimetic joint motion planning, in terphalangeal coordination.


Stably planning a joint motion of humanoid fingers is very important for precise hand operations. In this paper, an ef fective joint motion planning method for humanoid fingers is proposed. Our approach consists of two folds. One is to determine an adequate initial configuration of a finger. The other one is to plan real-time joint configurations of the fin ger during a manipulation process. For the second purpose especially, an empirical model that describes an interpha langeal coordination in a human finger is suggested and in corporated into the proposed joint motion planning method. Various simulation results show us practical merits of our approach that guides a finger to an effective trajectory for precise manipulating tasks. The effect of two different ap proaches is contrasted. As a result, it is illustrated that our approach enables a finger to get a more natural movement and thus, it is useful for humanoid fingers as well as pros thetic fingers.

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