Development of a Model-based Impedance Controller for Electrohydraulic Servos

I. Davliakos, P. Chatzakos, and E. Papadopoulos (Greece)


Electrohydraulic Servosystems, Impedance, Force Control


In this paper, a model-based impedance controller for electrohydraulic servosystems is developed. Rigid body and electrohydraulic models, including servovalve models are employed and described by a set of integrated system equations. Friction and leakage of hydraulic elements are also included. The control law consists of two signals, a feedback and a feedforward signal. An impedance filter modifies a desired trajectory according to a specified behaviour. The modified trajectory is fed to a simplified system model to reduce the effects of the nonlinear hydraulic dynamics. An example one degree of freedom servomechanism is studied. Simulations with typical desired trajectories are presented and a good performance of the controller is obtained.

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