Communication Systems and Applications    (CSA 2006)

July 3 – 5, 2006
Wireless and Optical Communication Multiconference
Editor(s): A.O. Fapojuwo
572 pages
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Track Communications Theory and Systems FreeSubscription
508-005 Higher State Trellis Coded Modulation for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Transceivers
M. Arif and N.M. Sheikh (Pakistan)
508-016 Channel Estimation Improvement for OFDM with Side Information
J.-C. Guey (USA)
508-036 Prediction of Antenna Patterns over Hotspot Clusters in WCDMA Networks
N. Yao and L. Cuthbert (UK)
508-040 Feasibility of Adaptive Transmission for Multicarrier and Frequency Hopping Mobile Radio Systems
A. Duel-Hallen, M. Lei, T.-S. Yang, and H. Hallen (USA)
508-041 Downlink Optimal Power Allocation in OVSF-WCDMA Communications
Y.-Y. Yang and J.-F. Chang (Taiwan)
508-050 Improving Channel Estimation for Software Radios
E. Coersmeir, C. Saez, A. Hotz, M. Hoffman, M. Kosakowski, Y. Xu, A. Bauer, and F. Leder (Germany)
508-060 An LDAP/SQL-based Integrated Architecture for Broad-Band Services
C. Donzelli, C. Fontana, A. Ravaioli, P. Toppan, M. Patella, and C. De Castro (Italy)
508-072 Integrated Information Processing and Communications: Complexity Analysis
H. Qu, L.Y. Wang, E. Yaprak, H. Wang (USA), and Y. Zhao (PRC)
508-078 An On-Package Planar Inverted-F Antenna for WLAN Application
C.-W. Ling and S.-J. Chung (Taiwan)
508-100 Design, Performance, and Implementation Concept of Regular Spatial Sampling (RSS) based Beamforming for UMTS LCR-TDD
A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Seebens, and P. Jung (Germany)
508-101 Exploiting Spatial Diversity by Low-cost Regular Spatial Sampling (RSS) Beamforming
T. Scholand, A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Seebens (Germany), S.H. Kim (Korea), and P. Jung (Germany)
508-102 On Implementation Aspects of Fast Iterative Tap Amplitude and Delay Estimation for UMTS/WCDMA
A. Burnic, T. Faber, T. Scholand, and P. Jung (Germany)
508-103 Turbo Codes for Error Correction in Impulsive Noise Environments
T. Faber, T. Scholand, and P. Jung (Germany)
508-104 Zero-crossing Demodulation for the Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate Mode
T. Scholand, C. Spiegel, A. Waadt, A. Burnic, and P. Jung (Germany)
508-811 A New Approach for Moving Target Detection using Bartlett Method for Spectral Estimation
F.M. Ahmed, K.A. Elbarbary, and A.R.H. Elbardawiny (Egypt)
508-812 Plenary Address: Recent Advances in Three-Dimensional Sensing, Imaging, and Display
B. Javidi (USA)
Track Network Protocols and Systems FreeSubscription
508-014 Adaptive Radio Resource Scheduling in an Integrated GPRS/UMTS Service Network
J.-L. Chen, N.-K. Chen, and S.-W. Pan (Taiwan)
508-027 Testing Real-time VoIP Codec Software and Evaluating VoIP QoS
T.-K. Chua and D.C. Pheanis (USA)
508-046 On the Performance of Bluetooth with Multiple Repetition Channels
R. Dimitrova and A. Finger (Germany)
508-051 A Scalable QoS Guaranteeing Scheme for Scheduling IP Traffic
O. Salami, H.A. Chan, and M.E. Dlodlo (South Africa)
508-057 A Personal Service Environment for Nomadic Users
S. Diepolder and C. Diegelmann (Germany)
508-058 Routing of MPLS Flows over an Agile All-Photonic Star Network
P. He and G.v. Bochmann (Canada)
508-061 Coexistence of IEEE 802.11B and IEEE 802.11E Stations in QoS Enabled Wireless Local Area Network
J. Majkowski and F. Casadevall Palacio (Spain)
508-074 RBUS: A Middleware for Reliable Web Services
Y. Zhu and D.F. Ma (PRC)
508-106 An In-service SNR Estimator for 8-PSK in Complex Channels
?.H. Tekba? (Turkey)
508-117 ID-based Secure PIM-SM Schemes
J. Zhang, V. Varadharajan, and Y. Mu (Australia)
508-120 An Improved Type II Hybrid ARQ Scheme with Code Combining and Adaptive Packet Length
D. Yang and W.C. Lee (PRC)
508-121 A Mathematical Model for Long Range Dependent Peer to Peer Traffic at the Individual Peer

K. Mizanian and M. Vasef (Iran)
508-126 Mobile Agent based Efficient Channel Allocation for VoD
R.A. Kumar, H.S.G. Prasad, H.D. Maheshappa, and Ganesan (India)
508-127 On Pricing Strategies for Stochastic Capacity Networks
C. Williamson and H. Sun (Canada)
508-130 A Bandwidth Mangement Framework for an 802.11 Wireless MAN
J.M. Espinosa Carlin and S. Diepolder (Germany)
508-132 QoS for Diffserv over Heterogeneous IP and MPLS Multicast Networks
A. Al Wehaibi (Saudi Arabia), M. Kadoch, and A. ElHakeem (Canada)
508-141 An Approach to Fast Handoff Scheme for Mobile IPV6 in Cellular IP Networks
J. Lee, S. Kimura, and Y. Ebihara (Japan)
508-800 FP/EDF Versus FP/FIFO Local Scheduling in a Bluetooth Piconet
K. Maalaoui, L.A. Saidane (Tunisia), and M.F. Zhani (Canada)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This multi-conference was published as ONE proceeding and includes the following conferences: - Communication Systems and Applications (CSA 2006), Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies (WNET 2006), Optical Communication Systems and Networks (OCSN 2006), and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN 2006). This particular conference covers the following topics: Communications Theory and Systems; and Network Protocols and Systems.

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