QoS for Diffserv over Heterogeneous IP and MPLS Multicast Networks

A. Al Wehaibi (Saudi Arabia), M. Kadoch, and A. ElHakeem (Canada)


Multicast, IP, MPLS, DiffServ, FEC/ARQ.


In order to provide QoS in group communications for real time applications such as video conferencing, reliable multicasting is used. Miscellaneous efforts have been undertaken to provide reliability on top of IP multicast. In this paper, we present a new fair share policy (FSP) that utilizes Differentiated Services to solve the problems of QoS and congestion control when reliable FEC/ARQ multicast is adopted. Simulation programs are used to evaluate the Fair Share Policy. The results should provide insights into the comparisons between homogeneous IP multicast networks, homogeneous MPLS multicast netowrks and heterogeneous MPLS multicast networks using the same FSP when DiffServ are adopted and when reliable FEC/ARQ multicast is considered.

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