Human-Computer Interaction    (IASTED-HCI 2005)

November 14 – 16, 2005
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Interfaces and User Modelling FreeSubscription
476-044 Student, Text and Curriculum Modeling for Reader-Specific Document Retrieval
J.C. Brown and M. Eskenazi (USA)
476-048 Visualizations for Browsing in Large Data Sets
J. Roberts, E. Lank, and J. Gemmell (USA)
476-062 A Haptic Thermal Interface: Towards Effective Multimodal User Interface Systems
C.S. Nam, J. Di, L.W. Borsodi, and W. Mackay (USA)
476-082 From Task Model to the User Interface Generation: An Approach based on Multi-Agent System
A. Mahfoudhi, J. Slimi (Tunisia), M. Abed (France), and M. Abid (Tunisia)
476-088 Influence of Colors on Pointing Tasks in Human Computer Interfaces
J. Kong, X. Ren, and K. Shinomori (Japan)
476-101 A Natural Hand Gesture Human Computer Interface using Contour Signatures
P. Peixoto and J. Carreira (Portugal)
Track Usability FreeSubscription
476-019 Trial-and-Error Interface for Transfer Function Specification in Direct Volume Rendering: A User Study
W. Qi and J.-B. Martens (The Netherlands)
476-031 Test Equipment of Time-Variant Subjective Perceptual Video Quality in Mobile Terminals
O. Nemethova, M. Ries, A. Dantcheva, S. Fikar, and M. Rupp (Austria)
476-056 Evaluating the Usability of Location Awareness Applications in Wireless Devices
G. Al-Qaimari (UAE) and S. Fernando (Australia)
476-069 The Effects of the Testing Environment on User Performance in Software Usability Testing
B. Grubaugh, S. Thomas, and J. Weinberg (USA)
476-074 Future Lighting Systems at Home: Interaction Concept for Frequent and Sporadic Bathroom Lighting Control
A. Lucero and T. Lashina (The Netherlands)
476-094 Usability Evaluation of QueryLens: Implications for Context-Aware Information Sharing using RFID
C.S. Nam and S. Konomi (USA)
476-095 Interaction Design Principles for the Bioterror Incident Management Environment
A.E. Milewski (USA)
476-097 Usability Testing based on the Cognitive Mismatch EEG Signals
K. Morikawa and S. Adachi (Japan)
476-802 Evaluating the Benefits of Tiled Displays for Navigating Maps
R. Ball, M. Varghese, A. Sabri, E.D. Cox, C. Fierer, M. Peterson, B. Carstensen, and C. North (USA)
Track User Interfaces FreeSubscription
476-032 The Walk-Away GUI: Interface Distribution to Mobile Devices
M. Sjölund, A. Larsson, and E. Berglund (Sweden)
476-038 Visual and Haptic Interaction on Virtual Haptic Roughness Perception with Different Lightness
W. Hu, T. Lin, K. Sakai, A. Imamiya, and M. Omata (Japan)
476-049 Making Favorites Useful
J. Roberts, J. Ruiz, and E. Lank (USA)
476-051 Towards Reliable Computer Vision-based Tangible User Interfaces
A.J.W. Mbogho and L.L. Scarlatos (USA)
476-052 Evaluation of User Interfaces for Displaying Text Messages on Mobile Devices
O. Thiele, P. Sütterlin, and L. Kaczmirek (Germany)
476-065 Fingertip-Shadow for Click, DB-Click, and Drag on a Wall
Y. Ishihara and M. Ishihara (Japan)
476-071 A Comprehensive Tool for Recovering 3D Models from 2D Photos with Wide Baselines
Y. Lu and S. Smith (USA)
476-078 A New Architecture Model for Groupware
M. Maddeh and C. Mankai (Tunisia)
476-084 3D Sketches for Online Accident Reporting
M. O'Kane, J. Carthy, and M. Bertolotto (Ireland)
476-091 3D-Patterns for the Data Analysis and Operation of Process Plants
D. Friedrich, S. Moritz, D. Pantförder, and B. Vogel-Heuser (Germany)
476-093 Optimizing Speech Menus
I. Kopeček (Czech Republic)
Track Intelligent Systems and Research Methods FreeSubscription
476-027 Multimodal Interaction for Mobile Robot Guidance
G. Iannizzotto, P. Lanzafame, F. La Rosa, and C. Costanzo (Italy)
476-028 Capturing the Mobile and Distributed Work for Concept Development using Photograph Probes
M.P. Nieminen and P. Mannonen (Finland)
476-034 Action Description Logic for Smart Home Agent Recognition
A. Bouzouane, B. Bouchard, and S. Giroux (Canada)
476-050 Derivation of Performance Specification of Intelligent Integrated Systems in Environment of Human-Computer Interaction
Y. Sakai and M. Kameyama (Japan)
476-057 Recognition of Grouping Areas in Trademarks According to Gestalt Psychology using Mahalanobis Distance
K. Abe, Y. Daido, H. Iguchi (Japan), H. Tian (PRC), and D. Roy (India)
476-064 Ubiquitous Service Model based on Contextual Semantics
T. Sun, S. Revankar, and J. Walker (USA)
Track Design FreeSubscription
476-015 Functional Safety for HCI – Proposal for Integration of Human Factors with the IEC 61508 Standard
A. Aas and T. Skramstad (Norway)
476-033 Enable Better Access to Math for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals – A Math Expression Reader
W. Li and B. Li (USA)
476-035 Web Accessibility for Dynamically Generated Websites
P. Mooney (Ireland)
476-053 Approach to a Control based Optimization of Collaborative Technical Customer Service in Production Networks
T. Klostermann and D. Spath (Germany)
476-055 Applying Task-based Division in Multi-layered Design - An Industrial Case Study
M. Andersson, R. Heldal, and L.G. Christiernin (Sweden)
476-063 Designing an Experiential Annotation System for Personal Multimedia Information Management
J.C. Pinzon and R. Singh (USA)
476-083 Exploiting Motion Symmetry in Control of Exoskeleton Limbs
C. Reinicke, C. Fleischer, and G. Hommel (Germany)
Track HCI in Mobile, Ubiquitous, and Pervasive Computing Contexts FreeSubscription
476-040 Mobile Blogging: Supporting Social Communication
R. Beale (UK)
476-047 From Prototype to Deployment: The Challenges in Developing Real World Applications for Mobile Fieldworkers
E. Lank, K. Withee, and K. Pan (USA)
476-077 Accuracy Metrics in Mobile Text Entry
M. Koivisto (Finland) and A. Urbaczewski (USA)
476-098 Using Context for Privacy Boundary Control in RFID Applications
S. Konomi and C.S. Nam (USA)
476-100 Plastic HCI Generation from Its Abstract Model
A. Hariri, D. Tabary, and C. Kolski (France)
476-102 Guiding Passengers in Railway Stations by Ubiquitous Computing Technologies
N. Fukasawa, H. Matsubara, S. Myojo, and R. Tsuchiya (Japan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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