Communication Systems and Networks    (CSN 2005)

September 12 – 14, 2005
Benidorm, Spain
Editor(s): C.E. Palau Salvador
242 pages
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Track Telecommunications Technology FreeSubscription
482-019 Effects of Lattice Reordering on Schnorr-Euchner Decoding Algorithms for MIMO Systems
Z. Guo and P. Nilsson (Sweden)
482-028 BER Minimization by Transmit Power Allocation in SVD Equalized Multicarrier Systems
A. Ahrens and C. Lange (Germany)
482-035 Design of Up-Conversion Stages in Software Radio Transmitters: FPGA vs. ASSP
C. Benavente, F.J. Ortega, and J.M. Pardo (Spain)
482-059 Impact of Beat Noise on Balanced Detection for 2-D Time-Spreading Wavelength-Hopping Optical CDMA Systems
T. Bazan, D. Harle, and I. Andonovic (UK)
482-063 The Blocking Probability Model in All-Optical Networks for Limited Wavelength Conversion
M. Bahleda, M. Bystrianky, and K. Blunar (Slovakia)
482-080 Design of Scalable QoS Guaranteed Mobile IPv6 Communication Scheme using MPLS
W. Liu, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)
482-093 The W-Band Satellite Mission WAVE
A. Jebril, M. Lucente, T. Rossi, M. Ruggieri, L. Zuliani, A. Iera, and S. Pulitanó (Italy)
Track Wireless Networks FreeSubscription
482-020 Cost/Benefit Analysis of the W2LAN Protocol
F. Burrull, F.M. Monzo-Sanchez (Spain)
482-043 Design of a Distributed Shared Memory for Switch Fabric and Its FPGA Implementation
H. Khani, N. Yazdani, A.M.Z. Bidoki, H Kalantari, M. Roodi, A. Tajodin, and M.Shahabfar (Iran)
482-057 Modeling Rate-Adaptive Wireless LAN with an M/G/1/B Queueing System
C. Burmeister, U. Killat, and J. Bachmann (Germany)
482-076 A Hardware/Software Co-Design Case Study on DVB-T Receiver System
S.-Y. Lin, W.-C. Tang, J.-A. Lin, and T.-H. Tsai (Taiwan)
482-089 QoS Analysis of a UMTS Cell with Different Service Classes
P. Lollini, A. Bondavalli, and F. Di Giandomenico (Italy)
Track Wireless CDMA FreeSubscription
482-024 Modelling UTMS Physical Layer
M.C. Part-Escrivá and F.J. Mañó-Frasquet (Spain)
482-025 Hadamard-Coded Interbeam-Routing CDMA System for Satellite Communication
I.M.T.R. Al-wazedi and M. Kawai (Japan)
482-031 Improvement of the DS-CDMA Performance with Parallel Interference Cancelation (PIC)
H. Mahyad, K. Mohamed-pour, and M. Mazoochi (Iran)
482-037 Resource Management in WCDMA Network using Learning
N. Yao and L. Cuthbert (UK)
482-054 Blind Multi-User Parallel Interference Canceller for DS-CDMA
D. Annalingam, F.H. Ali, and E. Stipidis (UK)
482-075 Performance of a New Adaptive Grouping and Modulation Procedure for Multiuser Group Orthogonal MC-CDMA
I. Gutiérrez, F. Bader, J. Pijoan, and M. Deumal (Spain)
482-091 Potentiality of the Unified Microcellular Network in Providing High Speed Connection to Fast-Moving Terminals
P.T. Hoa and T. Yamada (Japan)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
482-021 The Cost of Securing LAN Traffic using the End-to-End Security Model of Windows XP/2000 IPSec Protocols
N.Z. ALMeshary (Saudi Arabia)
482-029 The Digital Restyling of Audiobooks
L. Egidi and M. Furini (Italy)
482-030 Bridging Academia and the Private Sector in Legacy Telecommunications Management Systems Integration
M.V. Naganov (Russia)
482-045 An Interconnection System for P2P File Sharing Networks
J. Lloret, C. Palau, J.M. Jimenez, and M. Esteve (Spain)
482-046 Satellite TVRO Systems Reception under Tropical Weather Conditions Effects
R.A.R. Ibrahim and K.A.S. Al-Khateeb (Malaysia)
482-069 Determination of a Zone Radius for the Independent Zone Routing based on Neighborhood Information
J. Jeon, D.-S. Kim, and W.-H. Kwon (Korea)
Track Signal Processing FreeSubscription
482-053 On the Performance of Some Coding Schemes over Rayleigh Fading Multipath Channel in CDMA-based Cellular Systems
F. Elbouanani and M. Belkasmi (Morocco)
482-062 A Block Code for Minimization of the PAPR of OFDM Signals
S.G. Kang, H.S. Lee, and J.G. Kim (Korea)
482-074 A Proposed Pulse Shape to Reduce ICI in OFDM Systems
H.-A. M. Mourad (Egypt)
482-081 Analysis of Channel Estimation Errors in Frequency-Domain Precoding for Multicarrier Systems
F.J. Simois and J.I. Acha (Spain)
482-095 Improved Decoding of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes by Reduction of Pseudocodewords
E.I. Papagiannis, A. Ambroze, M. Tomlinson, and M.Z. Ahmed (UK)
482-801 Differentially Encoded Quadrature Amplitude Modulation for DC Offset Elimination
C.-D. Chung (Taiwan)
Track Ad-hoc Networks FreeSubscription
482-022 Evaluation Method for Delay Time and Its Jitter of 802.11e Wireless LAN
N. Ikeda, H. Imai, M. Tsunoyama, and I. Ishii (Japan)
482-070 WTSec: A Transport Model Certified on an IEEE 802.11 Environment
G. Fenu and G. Steri (Italy)
482-073 A Cache Predictive Scheme for On-Demand Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks
R. Shamekh, S. Zarifzadeh, N. Yazdani, and M. Mazloom (Iran)
482-090 Combining AODV Ad Hoc Routing and Conventional IP Routing over Wireless and Wired Links
K. Takanashi, T. Kato, S. Itoh, A. Sugata, F. Kojima, and M. Fujise (Japan)
482-096 Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
R.L. Gilaberte and L.P. Herrero (Spain)
Track Networking FreeSubscription
482-066 DGP: A Dynamic Group Polling MAC Protocol for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks
H.-I. Liu and R.-H. Kao (Taiwan)
482-072 Dynamic Class Assignment Method based on Bandwidth Request Declaration on Domain Model
K. Yasukawa, K.-I. Baba, and K. Yamaoka (Japan)
482-079 DVMRP Multicast LAN Accommodation into ISP based on IGMP
Y. Gong, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)
482-086 An Efficient Approach to Group Key Management in Secure Multicast
A. Nemaney Pour, K. Kumekawa, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)
482-094 An Efficient Solution to Packet Loss: Erasure Correcting Codes
J. Cai, C. Tjhai, M. Tomlinson, M. Ambroze, and M. Ahmed (UK)
482-099 Public Domain P2P File Sharing Networks Content and Their Evolution
J. Lloret, J.R. Diaz, J.M. Jiménez, and M. Esteve (Spain)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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This publication covers the following topics: Telecommunications Technology; Wireless Networks; Wireless CDMA; Applications; Signal Processing; Ad-hoc Networks; and Networking.

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