Robotics and Applications    (RA 2003)

June 25 – 27, 2003
Salzburg, Austria
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
232 pages
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Track Artificial Intelligence FreeSubscription
390-043 Maintaining Spatial Relations among Robots using Formation Sensitivity Measure
P. Ritthipravat, T. Maneewarn, and D. Laowattana (Thailand)
390-052 Behavior Evaluating Indices for Robot Behavior Learning and Evolution
M. Suzuki and S. Taneshima (Japan)
390-062 Fast Dynamic Object Tracking in a Robotic Soccer Team
O. Kanniainen, S. Menani, J. Matila (Finland), and N. Ould-Khessal (Singapore)
390-064 Neural Reinforcement Learning for the Control of an Autonomous Mobile Vehicle
G. Cicirelli, T. D'Orazio, N. Ancona, and A. Distante (Italy)
Track Tele-Robotics FreeSubscription
390-026 Implement-by-wire Control of Electrohydraulic Closed Center Systems for Mobile Equipment Applications
S. Cetinkunt, U. Pinsopon, C. Chen, A. Egelja, and S. Anwar (USA)
390-055 Robotic Remote Navigation by Speech Commands with Automatic Obstacles Detection
C. Miranda-Palma and O. Mayora-Ibarra (Mexico)
390-065 Controlling a Ball Balancing Device via Web
G. Carnevali and G. Buttazzo (Italy)
390-067 The Human-Machine Interaction through the UJI Telerobotic Training System
R. Marín and P.J. Sanz (Spain)
390-082 Task Specification for Visually Guided Grasping
J. Neubert, P. Ravindran, and N.J. Ferrier (USA)
390-085 Exploring New Object Recognition Techniques for Online Robots
P.J. Sanz, R. Marín, and J.S. Sánchez (Spain)
Track Robot Design, Control, Automation, and Applications: Part 1 FreeSubscription
390-045 MarineBlue: A Low-cost Chess Robot
D. Urting and Y. Berbers (Belgium)
390-049 "Robot Picking System (RPS)" – Automated Order Picking with Industrial Robots
C. Wurll and B. Schnoor (Germany)
390-050 A Robust Control Approach for Manipulator with Nonlinear Actuators
D. Cai (Japan)
390-078 Small Body Exploration Robot with Hopping Mechanism
T. Kubota, S. Shimoda, T. Yoshimitsu, and I. Nakatani (Japan)
390-083 Modeling and Control of the Eclipse-II Motion Simulator
S.Y. Hyun and Y.M. Cho (Korea)
390-086 Architecture Optimization of a Planar 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator
I.E. Maghaddam and M. Bahrami (Iran)
390-800 Design and Simulation of a Virtual Walking Machine based on Gait Analysis
J. Yoon, J. Ryu, K.-B. Lim, and Y.-M. Na (Korea)
Track Motion Planning and Control FreeSubscription
390-044 Position and Force Control of Multi-fingered Robot Hand and Its Application to Massage Motion
P. Minyong, T. Miyoshi, and H. Kitagawa (Japan)
390-046 A Parallel Solution Scheme of Inverse Dynamics for Flexible Manipulators
D. Isobe and D. Imaizumi (Japan)
390-048 Trajectory Planning of a New Mechanical Press with Controllable Mechanism
W.Z. Guo and R. Du (PRC)
390-053 Non-commensurate Manipulator Jacobian
E.M. Schwartz, R. Manseur, and K.L. Doty (USA)
390-058 An Integration of Different Motion Planners
K. Døring, H.G. Petersen, and M.L. Petersen (Denmark)
390-072 Construction of Traveling Crane Embedded Power Assist Function
T. Miyoshi, Y. Suzuki, and K. Terashima (Japan)
390-077 Real-time Detection of End-effectors for Marker-free Motion Capture System
C.-J. Park and I.-H. Lee (Korea)
390-080 Human-free Flexible Assembling of Ready-to-eat Meals
I. Kalaykov, A. Ananiev, and L. Jennergren (Sweden)
390-084 Searching Motion Planning Strategies for a Mobile Robot
G. Arechavaleta-Servín and R. Swain-Oropeza (Mexico)
Track Robot Design, Control, Automation, and Applications: Part 2 FreeSubscription
390-036 Propulsion Mechanism based on Inertial Force
T. Kagiwada, H. Harada, and H. Yoshikawa (Japan)
390-041 Robucation: Using Mobile Robots for Sophisticated Student Education
W. Brockmann (Germany)
390-054 Behavioural Cloning and Robot Control
C. D'Este, M. O'Sullivan, and N. Hannah (Australia)
390-057 Modeling and Design Methodology of an Efficient Underwater Propulsion System
P. Valdivia y Alvarado and K. Youcef-Toumi (USA)
390-066 A Computer Architecture for Small Walking Robots
M. Marinoni and G. Buttazzo (Italy)
390-070 Open Architecture Controller for a SCARA Industrial Robot
J.L. González Sánchez, E. Baeyens Lázaro, F. Gayubo Rojo, J.A. Macón Herrezuelo, and J. Miller Ménde
390-081 The Development of Automatic Tool Changer and Integrated Applications Software for Polishing Robot System
S.M. Park, J.S. An, and B.-S. Ryuh (Korea)
Track Robot Modelling and Sensing FreeSubscription
380-197 Development and Evaluation of DSP Filter for the Integration of the Driving Simulator with a Tele-operated Vehicle
D.S. Yun (USA), W.S. Lee, and J.H. Kim (Korea)
390-025 Behavior Analysis of Grid-map based Sensor Fusion Algorithms
O. Cohen, S. Gil, E. Korach, and Y. Edan (Israel)
390-034 Estimating 3-D Transformation of Robot End Effector
D. Svirko (Hungary)
390-059 Multi-scale Image Filtering for Extracting Maneuvering Affordance
K. Kamejima (Japan)
390-073 High Precision Dense Depth Map Acquisition by an Omnidirectional Stereo System
J.-i. Takiguchi, J.-I. Eino, and T. Hashizume (Japan)
390-087 Automatic Circle Detection for Radial Lens Distortion Correction in Single Images
C. Bräuer-Burchardt (Germany)
390-801 Hue-intensity Segmentation for Stereo Correspondence
J.L. Baker, D. Campbell, A. Bodnarova, and V. Chandran (Australia)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The main topics covered throughout this publication include: Artificial Intelligence; Tele-Robotics; Robot Design, Control, Automation, and Applications; Motion Planning and Control; and Robot Modelling and Sensing.

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