Control and Optimization of Renewable Energy Systems / 860: Mechatronics and Control    (CORES 2019)

December 6 – 7, 2019
Anaheim, California, USA
Editor(s): Prof. N.H. Rashidi and Dr. M.H. Hamza
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Track Control and Robotics FreeSubscription
860-017 Comparison of Kinematic and Dynamic Model Based Linear Model Predictive Control of Non-Holonomic Robot for Trajectory Tracking: Critical Trade-offs Addressed
Kaustav Mondal, Armando A. Rodriguez, Sai Sravan Manne, Nirangkush Das, and Brent Wallace
860-006 Three-axis Vibration Suppression Control of Pneumatic Isolation Table with Single Servo Valve using Cyclic Control Input
Masakazu Koike, Hajime Ginya, Feifei Zhang, and Junichirou Tahara
860-021 A multi-layer RLS-based disturbance compensation scheme for velocity control of a control moment gyroscope
Sang D Lee and Seul Jung
Track Control and Optimization FreeSubscription
859-016 Comparative Analysis of Hysteresis Modulation, Adaptive and PWM Based Sliding Mode Control of a Buck Converter
Erfan C Shourov, Reza Sabzehgar, Mohammad Rasouli, and Poria Fajri
859-022 Diode rectifier modelling: hybrid multi-bond graph approach
Gerardo Ayala Jaimes, Noé Barrera Gallegos, and Gilberto González Avalos
859-019 Identifying Optimal Distribution Automation Allocation Utilizing Net Present Value Analysis
Kerry D McBee
859-014 Optimal Power Exchange in Zero Net Energy Building
Roghieh A Biroon, Zoleikha Abdollahi Biroon, and Ramtin Hadidi
Track Power and Energy Systems FreeSubscription
859-025 Rule-Based Real-Time Control of A Flow Battery for Preventing Minimum Import Violation
Hao Xin, Miroslav Penchev, Yun Xue, and Alfredo A Martinez-Morales
859-013 Electric Vehicle Connection to the Grid (A Case Study on the Effect of Tariff in California vs. South Carolina)
Roghieh A Biroon, Zoleikha Abdollahi Biroon, and Ramtin Hadidi
859-008 Delay Analysis of a Real-Time Hard Reconfigurable Synchrophasor Synchronization Gateway
Luigi Vanfretti and Prottay M Adhikari
Track Artificial Intelligence and Estimation FreeSubscription
860-011 A Study of Smart Factory with Artificial Intelligence
Tetsuya Ojiro and Kazuhiro Tsuruta
859-005 Techniques for Coordinating Distributed Resources Inspired by Ant Carrying Behavior
Joseph A Carr and Alexander Brissette
Track Control and Stability FreeSubscription
859-002 Robust global fast terminal sliding mode control for nonlinear hydraulic turbine governing system
Bicheng Guo and Jiang Guo
859-024 A Novel Adaptive Control of Inverter for Grid-coupled Photovoltaic Systems
TARIQ KAMAL, Luis M. Fernández-Ramírez, Murat Karabacak, Raúl Sarrias-Mena, Pablo García-Triviño, and Syed Zulqadar Hassan
Track Artificial Intelligence, Energy Storage and Internet of Things FreeSubscription
859-007 Virtual Inertia Control Based-Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage in Modern AC Stand-Alone Grids
Mohammad-Hassan Khooban and Jalil Boudjadar
859-009 Aftermath of a Tropical Island Power Grid After a Category 5 Hurricane: Case Study
Luis M. Traverso, Rolando Garcia, José Almodovar, and Idalides J. Vergara
860-019 Destination Point Estimation: A Bayesian Inference Based Approach
Rami Abousleiman and Romi Boimer
859-021 IoT Monitoring System for future DC Homes
Javier A. Sánchez Navarro, Jorge L. Cruz Agosto, and Diego A. Aponte Roa
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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