IoT Monitoring System for future DC Homes

Javier A. Sánchez Navarro, Jorge L. Cruz Agosto, and Diego A. Aponte Roa


IoT, Monitoring System, DC Grids, Microcontroller


Energy demand has been increasing over the years, but most of the production of electricity comes from non-renewable sources and the process to generate it is not very efficient and produces pollution. Implementing a Renewable Energy Source (RES) is a solution to both energy consumption and providing sustainable energy, especially in the form of DC microgrids. With a DC microgrid a RES can be implemented to be the primary source of power to a home. In order to provide a user with data regarding operation, generation and consumption, a monitoring system is developed to visualize and maintain a record on the power generation of their grid. To build this system, an Arduino was programmed to read sensors and transmit this data to a Raspberry Pi via an xBee module. Two python scripts were written, one of them which reads those values and stores them in a database written in sqlite3. The second script is an API written in the Flask microframework that will provide a JSON object with the latest information read from the database. To visualize those values, an open source web application named Freeboard was used as a dashboard.

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