Robust global fast terminal sliding mode control for nonlinear hydraulic turbine governing system

Bicheng Guo and Jiang Guo


hydraulic turbine governing system,, nonlinear turbine model, global fast terminal sliding mode control


China is experiencing a rapid development of hydropower to satisfy the huge energy demand, and to alleviate the environmental deterioration using coal-fired thermal power at the same time. Recently, installed large scale hydro plants with more complex conduit systems intense the requirement on the regulating performance of the hydraulic turbine governing system(HTGS). In this paper, based on a detailed nonlinear HTGS model, a global fast terminal sliding mode control(GFT-SMC) is proposed by adding fast terminal and exponential attractors to the sliding manifold. Besides, in dealing with the anti-regulation feature of HTGS, an integral of the sliding parameter is introduced to the manifold to reduce latency and ensure the tracking ability. The simulation results demonstrate the smooth and quick responses during transients. Finally, the robustness against random noises and disturbances are tested.

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