Signal and Image Processing    (SIP 2009)

August 17 – 19, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Editor(s): F. Cruz-Roldán, N.B. Smith
290 pages
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Track Filter, Processing, and Applications FreeSubscription
654-027 Nonlinear Analysis of the Costas Loop and Phase-Locked Loop with Squarer
N.V. Kuznetsov, G.A. Leonov, and S.M. Seledzhi (Russia)
654-038 Robust and Fast Design of Optimal Comb FIR Filters
P. Zahradnik and M. Vlček (Czech Republic)
654-050 Chaotic Communications using Nonlinear Filtering
X. Wang and E.E. Yaz (USA)
654-072 Application of Wavelet Transform in Analysing Vibration Signals Acquired for Vehicle Speed Measurement
H. Wei and W. Xu (UK)
654-073 Channel Estimation using Adaptive Filtering in OFDM System
M.G. Zia (Iraq)
654-100 On-Line Writer Identification System Characterizing Velocity and Areal Velocity in Handwriting Process
T. Matsuura (Japan) and P. Thumwarin (Thailand)
Track Computer Vision, Coding, and Decoding FreeSubscription
654-008 Directional Balloon Snake Model based on Curvature Dependent Magnitude
Y. Li, S. Luo, and Q. Zou (PRC)
654-026 A Fast Tree-Structured Search Procedure for Multistage VectorQuantization of LSF Parameters
M. Djamah and D. O'Shaughnessy (Canada)
654-083 Fusion of Images from Heterogeneous Top-Down Cameras
F. Yao and A. Sekmen (USA)
654-098 A Fused Fuzzy Voting Approach to the Monitoring of Parking Availability
D.M. Keathly, T.-I. Yang, and Y. Wan (USA)
Track Digital Image and Processing FreeSubscription
654-001 Fast Exact Pairwise-Nearest-Neighbor Algorithm using Groups and Clusters Rejection Criteria
Y.-C. Liaw, J.-F. Lin, S.-C. Tai, andJ.Z.C. Lai (Taiwan)
654-013 A Simple Matched Filter Approach to Demodulating AIS Signals in Co-Channel Interference
D.C. Smith and D.J. Nelson (USA)
654-022 Contrast-Enhancement with Contrast-Stretching Dynamic Histogram-Equalization
K.S. Sim, W.Z. Wan Ismail, L.W. Thong, W.K.Lim, and H.Y. Ting (Malaysia)
654-023 Measurement of the Required Depth Map Accuracy for Depth of Field Reduction Algorithms
T. Jaeger (Germany)
654-031 Toward Automated Detection of Oil Drops in Images of Multiphase Dispersions
A. Rojas Domínguez and G. Corkidi(Mexico)
654-035 Embedded Vision-based Collision Warning System for Monitoring the Blind Spot Area
C.-C. Lin and C.-W. Lin (Taiwan)
654-036 A Method to Enhance Multi-Modal Biometrics Fusion using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms at a Decision Level
F. Alsaade, A. Rahmoun, and A. Ech-Cherif(Saudi Arabia)
654-045 A Quantization Scheme for Modeling and Coding of Noisy Texture in Natural Images
J. Ballé and M. Wien (Germany)
654-076 Automated Hybrid Temporal Image Registration using Radon Transform
J.N. Sarvaiya and S.S. Patnaik (India)
654-085 Temporal Image Registration using GCPs and Bivariate Polynomial Estimation
J.N. Sarvaiya, S.S. Patnaik, and S.Bombaywala (India)
654-800 A Single Field Interlaced to Progressive Format Conversion using Edge Map in the Image Block
K. Kang, G. Jeon, and J. Jeong (Korea)
654-803 Optimal Bit Allocation for Subband Image/Video Coding
R. Atta (Egypt)
Track Signal Processing and Applications FreeSubscription
654-034 HRV Estimation using Pulse Wave and Human Sensibility Evaluation
D.-J. Kim, H.-M. Lee, K.-S. Kim, and J.-W.Lee (Korea)
654-065 Complex Multilayer Perceptron based Blind Equalizer for Constant Modulus Modulations
C.-H. Chang (Taiwan)
654-084 Non-Uniform Array Antenna Pattern Sensitivity Analysis
A. Eshraghi, S. Shahriari, Y. Choi, H.K.Hwang, and Z. Aliyazicioglu (USA)
654-801 Adaptive Predistortion of Wiener and Hammerstein Systems using Spectral Magnitude Matching
E. Abd-Elrady (Austria)
654-802 Digital Predistortion of Memory Polynomial Systems using Direct and Indirect Learning Architectures
L. Gan and E. Abd-Elrady (Austria)
Track Detection, Identification, and Recognition FreeSubscription
654-020 Texture Classification by Functional Analysis of Size Distributions
I. Epifanio, J. Domingo, and G. Ayala(Spain)
654-041 L2 Norm Length-based Image Similarity Measures: Concrescence of Image Feature Histogram Distances
H. Fashandi, J.F. Peters, and S. Ramanna(Canada)
654-054 Hand Movement Recognition based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
R.D. Pinzón-Morales, Á.Á. Orozco-Gutierrez, K. Baquero-Duarte, and V.H.Grisales-Palacio (Colombia)
654-102 Image Processing Algorithm for Automated Detection of Annual Ring Orientation on Wood Shingles Cross Section
M. Fournier and Y. Lemay (Canada)
654-109 Iris Feature Extraction using Wavelet Transform
S. Minhas, M.Y. Javed, and A. Basit(Pakistan)
654-110 Vegetation Extraction from LiDAR Raw Points using Surface Flatness
M.Y. Belkhouche, B.P. Buckles, and L.J. Steinberg (USA)
Track Video Processing and Coding FreeSubscription
654-011 Efficient Coding of Underwater Video using Wavelet-based Algorithm
Q.-Z. Li, W.-J. Wang, J.-X. Liu, and A.-Y.Zang (PRC)
654-012 AutomaticTexture-Detection Algorithm for Texture Synthesis in Video Compression
M. Panggabean (Norway), S. de Waele, G. deHaan (The Netherlands), and L.A. Rønningen (Norway)
654-047 Probability Analysis for Macroblock Types in Spatial Enhancement Layers for SVC
S. Van Leuven, K. De Wolf, P. Lambert, and R. Van de Walle (Belgium)
654-091 Video Analytics for Indexing, Summarization and Searching of Video Archives
H.E. Trease and L. Trease (USA)
654-114 Low-Complexity Computation of IDCT Efficiently Adapted to End-of-Block Points
M.-L. Hsia and O.T.-C. Chen (Taiwan)
Track Image and Signal Processing Applications FreeSubscription
654-033 Invariant Texture-based Image Analysis and Retrieval
M.R. Hejazi (Korea)
654-080 Adaptive-Threshold Blanking for Impulsive Noise Reduction in OFDM-based Power Line Communications
K.S. Al-Mawali and Z.M. Hussain (Australia)
654-088 Dynamic Laser MIDI Controller
M. Kimbrough, J. Fulwood, and S. Sukittanon(USA)
654-095 Comparison of Matched Filter and Wavelet based Blood Vessel Enhancement
M.U. Akram, S. Nasir, and S.A. Khan(Pakistan)
654-096 Stabilization of Uncertain Hopfield Neural Networks with Dead-Zone and Disturbance Input
C.-J. Cheng and C.-B. Cheng (Taiwan)
654-113 Lidar Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Characterization at UPRM
H. Parsiani, J.Mèndez-Rodrìguez, and A. Lizarraga (USA)
654-805 Real-Time Spectral Imaging System
T. Arnold, M. De Biasio, G. Lodron, and R. Leitner (Austria)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
654-071 Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform Applied to Fingerprint Encryption
J.M. Vilardy O, C.O. Torres M, and L.Mattos V (Colombia)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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