TELEHEALTH    (Telehealth 2005)

July 19 – 21, 2005
Banff, AB, Canada
Editor(s): P. Jennett, R.M. Rangayyan
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Track Devices and Systems for Telehealth FreeSubscription
484-022 A Mobile PDA-based Wireless Pulse Oximeter
Y. Mendelson, V. Floroff, W. Johnston, and P. Branche (USA)
484-025 An RF Smart Pressure Sensor for Non-Invasive Phlebological Therapy
M. Meiners, T. Schary, W. Benecke, M. Stuecker, and T. Eggers (Germany)
484-033 A PDA based Ambulatory Human Skin Resistance Measuring System
Q. Fang, S. Tan, B. Ahmed, D. Berlin, and I. Cosic (Australia)
484-035 Instant Messaging Communication Gateway for Medical Applications
I. Sachpazidis and O. Hohlfeld (Germany)
Track Networks and Infrastructure for Telehealth FreeSubscription
484-006 Development of a New Healthcare Monitoring System for Elderly using Emerging Communication Technologies
K.J. Patel (Australia)
484-016 Modeling of Total Costs of Videoconferencing in Two Different Tele-Network Sites in Alberta
A. Ohinmaa and R. Scott (Canada)
484-032 Experimental Telemedicine Network with the Long-Range Wireless LAN and CATV for Mountain Climbers in the Japanese Alps
M. Nakamura (Japan), Y. Yang (PRC), S. Kubota, K. Wasaki, Y. Shidama, K. Kasahara, S. Saito, Y. Miura, M. Takizawa, and S. Murase (Japan)
484-034 Design of Mobile Phone Applications for Point of Care Test Result Validation
O. Lynch, J. McGrory, and E. Coyle (Ireland)
484-049 Software Defined Radio and Communication Networks for Telehealth Applications
Y.-D. Yao, N. Kumar, and W. Qian (USA)
484-058 Establishing a Centre of Excellence in Telerehabilitation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I. Henderson and L. Liu (Canada)
484-059 GiPSiNet: A Middleware for Networked Surgical Simulations
V. Liberatore, M.C. Çavuşoğlu, and Q. Cai (USA)
484-060 Mobile IP Infrastructure for Emergency Medical Services
J. Light and Bhuvaneshwari A. (Canada)
Track Databases, Knowledgebases, and Security FreeSubscription
484-023 AMDI: An Atlas to Integrate Case Studies, E-Learning, and Research Systems via the Web
D. Guliato, R.S. Bôaventura, E.V. de Melo, V. de Deus, F.R. Janones (Brazil), and R.M. Rangayyan (Canada)
484-052 Improving Data Security of Home Telecare Systems
R. Rudi and B.G. Celler (Australia)
484-054 GIGISM (Glucose-Insulin and Glycemic Index Web Simulator) - The Online System Supporting Diabetes Therapy
A. Izworski, J. Koleszynska, R. Tadeusiewicz, J. Bulka, and I. Wochlik (Poland)
484-800 Knowledge Bases from Medical and Hospital Networks
A.M. Rana and S.V. Ahamed (USA)
Track Applications of Telehealth and Case Studies FreeSubscription
484-009 Impact of Automation and Telemedicine on the Healthcare System
G. Silverman (USA)
484-015 Home Telehealth Provides an Independent Living Option for the Elderly
S.M. Finkelstein, S.M. Speedie, S. Potthoff, and E. Ratner (USA)
484-021 Telehealth Lung Cancer Clinics: Specialized Oncology Services Closer to Home
T. Winton, C. Butts, H. Janzen, G. Cummings, M. Hoeber, C. King, T. Delorme, D. Allen, R. Scrimger, N. Graham, and D. Reinbold (Canada)
484-031 The Relevance of Telehealth in Rwanda
T.A.M. Spil, P.J.B. Lagendijk (The Netherlands), R. Mugisha (Rwanda), and D. Dohmen (The Netherlands)
484-039 Telehealth: Opportunities to Expand Tertiary Rehabilitation
L. Reimer, I. Henderson, and L. Liu (Canada)
484-040 A Case of Participatory Action Research for Community Telehealth Development
S. Mah (Canada)
484-046 Effectiveness of Video-Visits in Palliative Home Care: Preliminary Findings of an RCT in the Community
M.A. Herbert, J.J. Jansen, R. Brant, D. Hailey (Canada), and M. van der Pol (UK)
484-056 The Effectiveness and Efficiency of using Telehealth to Provide Wheelchair Seating Assessment and Intervention
L. Liu and I. Barlow (Canada)
484-057 Use of a Web-based Technology by Home Care Nurses for Wound Management
A. Semotiuk (Canada)
Track Tele-Monitoring, Rehabilitation, and Care FreeSubscription
484-030 Monitoring Health Status of Elderly People Living Alone at Home using Markov Model
A. Kaushik, E. Ambikairajah, and B.G. Celler (Australia)
484-038 Telecare: A Robust Motion Detection System for Real-Time Human Movement Monitoring
Q. Li, J. You, R. Tong, and A. Mak (PRC)
484-041 Telemedicine System for Early Assessment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
M. Kwiatkowska, M.S. Atkins, N.T. Ayas, and C.F. Ryan (Canada)
484-042 Home Automated Telemanagement in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
R.K. Cross, K. Sharma, M. Arora, and J. Finkelstein (USA)
484-043 Perception of Eye Contact in Telehealth Videoconferencing
T. Tam, M.E. Salenieks, J.A. Cafazzo, E. Seto, B. Purdy, M. McLean, and P.G. Rossos (Canada)
484-044 Complex Tele-Monitoring: Facilitating Patient Self-Care of the Chronically-Ill
J. Cafazzo, K. Leonard, T. Easty, P. Rossos, C. Chan, and A. Logan (Canada)
484-045 Telecare Technology for Activity Monitoring for the Elderly at Home
R.K.Y. Tong and J. Wong (PRC)
484-051 Tele-Rehabilitation for the Orthotic Treatment of Children with Scoliosis
E. Lou, V.J. Raso, and D.L. Hill (Canada)
484-053 Web-based Remote Monitoring Health of the Elderly via Mobility Changes using Frequency and Rank Order Statistics
J.-S. Shieh, C.-T. Chuang, X. Wang, and P.-Y. Kuo (Taiwan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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