Computational and Systems Biology    (CASB 2006)

November 13 – 14, 2006
Dallas, Texas, USA
Editor(s): D.-Z. Du
100 pages
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Track Biology Systems and Structure FreeSubscription
540-012 An MCMC-Method for Sampling RNA Secondary Structures with Pseudoknots
D. Metzler and M.E. Nebel (Germany)
540-021 A New Statistical Method for Haplotype Inference from Genotype Data
J.-H. Zhang, L.-Y. Wu, J. Chen, and X.-S. Zhang (PRC)
540-029 Do Genetic Networks Obey Kirchhoff's and Ohm's Laws?
M. Xiong and J. Arnold (USA)
540-031 A Discrete Event Dynamic Systems Approach to Gene Regulatory Networks
S. Phoha and B.B. Madan (USA)
540-036 Graphical Invariants and Molecular Descriptors for Secondary RNA Structures
D.J. Knisley and J.R. Knisley (USA)
Track Computational Biology FreeSubscription
540-014 A Fast Algorithm for Sorting by Short Swap
X. Feng, I.H. Sudborough, and E. Lu (USA)
540-016 FGK Model: An Efficient Granular Computing Model for Protein Sequence Motifs Information Discovery
B. Chen, P.C. Tai, R. Harrison, and Y. Pan (USA)
540-033 Computational Methods for Estimating the Size and Identifying the Members of Microbial Communities
C. Putonti, V. Fofanov, and Y. Fofanov (USA)
540-035 An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Approximate Complex Repetitive Patterns
D. He and X. Wu (USA)
540-037 A Local Sequence Alignment Algorithm using an Associative Model of Parallel Computation
S.I. Steinfadt, M. Scherger, and J.W. Baker (USA)
540-038 A New Set of Algorithms for Designing Ultra-Specific Probes for High-Throughput Allele Detection
M. Zhang, C. Putonti, and Y. Fofanov (USA)
Track Medical and Other Topics FreeSubscription
540-008 A New Clustering Method and Its Application to Proteomic Profiling for Colon Cancer
Y. Ou, L. Guo, and C.-Q. Zhang (USA)
540-009 Unbinding Simulation of Kinesin's Neck Linker
W. Hwang, M.J. Lang (USA), and M. Karplus (France)
540-010 Runs of Amino Acids in Peptides are Strongly Influenced by Choice of Subsets
D. Digby and W. Seffens (USA)
540-011 Conformational Properties of Tau-Derived Peptide Filaments in Alzheimer's Disease
J. Park, B. Kahng (Korea), and W. Hwang (USA)
540-023 Modeling Neuronal Signal Transduction using Itô Stochastic Differential Equations and the Gillespie Stochastic Simulation Algorithm
T. Manninen, M.-L. Linne, and K. Ruohonen (Finland)
540-032 Sparse Non-Negative Matrix Factorizations via Alternating Non-Negativity-Constrained Least Squares
H. Kim and H. Park (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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Scope for Computational and Systems Biology Conference (2006) Microarray data analysis; Micro RNA and RNAi; Pathways and networks; Biomedical applications; Computational proteomics; Microbial community analysis; Synthetic biological systems; Evolution and phylogenetics; Sequence motifs, alignments and families; Gene structure, regulation and modeling; Genetic variation (SNPs and haplotyping, etc.); Development control; Measuring cellular metabolism and cellular signaling; Computational neurobiology; Computational ecology; Mathematical and quantitative models of cellular and multicellular systems; Biological data mining; Biomedical literature text mining; Data visualization; High performance biocomputing; Parallel computation; Machine learning; Pattern recognition Knowledge representation; Databases; Combinatorics; Stochastic modeling; String and graph algorithms; Linguistic methods; Robotics; Constraint satisfaction; Information theory and statistical analysis; Hidden Markov model; Ontologies and semantic web systems for biology; Clinical informatics; Neural networks; Time series analysis; Sequencing and arrangement algorithms; SWARM; Bioinformatics project management (Data management methods and systems); International cooperation in bioinformatics research; Philosophy, ethics of bioinformatics; and Future trends of bioinformatics.

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