Minglu Chi, Shuaibing Chang, Fuchao Yang, Xiaoyan Qian, Shuaihua Cui, Jinzhan Wang, Lun Zhao, and Ruihua Ren


Wall-climbing robot; multi-degree-of-freedom propeller; movement characteristics; reverse thrust adsorption


In this paper, a reverse thrust adsorption wall-climbing robot (WCR) with multi-degree-of-freedom Propeller (WCRMP) is presented, from a design development and experimental evaluation perspective. Two symmetrical propeller discs, placed at the front and the rear side, provide a stable driving force. The left and right control frames, with multiple degrees of freedom, can adjust the position of the propeller head, in the left and right direction and adjust the direction of tension. The static characteristics of the WCRMP on the horizontal plane and on the vertical wall are analysed and the balance relationship, during the transition from the horizontal plane to the vertical wall, is obtained. The aerodynamic characteristics of the reverse thrust adsorption system of the WCRMP are analysed, using the momentum inflow model and the Euler force balance theorem, while the pressure distribution of the twin propellers is measured. When the clearance between the propellers changes, the pressure distribution, in the propeller rotation domain, will also change. The adsorption force, obtained during the rotation of the twin propellers, varies according to the position of the left and right control frames. The adsorption experiments show that the WCRMP can switch freely from the horizontal plane to the vertical wall, maintaining stable adsorption. When the angle between the WCRMP and the ground is 0◦ and the angle of the head of the front and rear propeller is 90◦, the tension reaches the maximum value, which verifies the feasibility of the proposed driving control of the WCRMP. This work demonstrates that the reverse thrust adsorption system may potentially improve the flexibility and stability of WCRMPs. ∗ School of Intelligent Engineering, Henan Institute of Technol- ogy, Xinxiang, China; e-mail:; {303723877, 2180826663, 3452184163, 480190334, 3590638950} ∗∗ School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Henan Institute of Technology, Xinxiang, China; e-mail: zhuadong87@ ∗∗∗ School of Economics, Henan Institute of Technology, Xinxiang, China; e-mail: Corresponding author: Shuaibing Chang Recommended by Howard Li

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