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International Journal of  Computational Bioscience


2014  Issue
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Youcef Derbal

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The International Journal of Computational Bioscience is an interdisciplinary journal featuring research articles that combine biological and computational research to enhance the scientific understanding of life. The discipline of computational bioscience, like the field of genomics, is in its infancy. For instance, the functions of most of the human genome remain a mystery, and the existing models for computational genomics are insufficient to shift paradigms of biological interpretation. The current generation of bioinformaticians and molecular biologists will map the elements of the genome and make scientific discoveries to enable the diagnosis and management of human diseases, perhaps even curing many of the ills of mankind. As a community, success requires the continued refinement of existing paradigms to encompass the outcomes of major scientific initiatives, (such as the ENCODE project), and the development of a new generation of computational methods to help biologists deal with the complexity of the new paradigms. Thus, the Journal of Computational Bioscience features research articles that effectively address complex problems in the biological sciences. Topics of interest include bioinformatics, biomedical informatics, computational biology, systems biology, personalized medicine, regulatory networks, biological pathway analysis, machine learning, education, discovery of functional genomic elements, biological databases, pattern recognition, high performance computing, software design patterns, software open source repositories, regulatory genomics, genome scale patterns, protein structure prediction, gene prediction, genome annotation, comparative genomics, functional genomics, sequence alignment, evolutionary biology, proteomics, algorithms, theoretical bioinformatics, translational biology, biological simulation, and microarray analysis.


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