Sensor Networks    (SN 2008)

September 29 – October 1, 2008
Crete, Greece
Editor(s): B. Kaminska
96 pages
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Track Algorithms and Methods FreeSubscription
626-010 Observation on Lightweight Implementation of Self-Stabilizing Node Clustering Algorithms in Sensor Networks
K. Yoshida, H. Kakugawa, and T. Masuzawa (Japan)
626-014 Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks to Improve the Stability of Clusters
Y. Yamauchi, T. Itou, G. Nishikawa, F. Ooshita, H. Kakugawa, and T. Masuzawa (Japan)
626-017 KOINOS - Knowledge from Observations and Inference in Networks of Sensors
E. Messina, D. Toscani, F. Archetti, and M. Frigerio (Italy)
626-021 A Novel Ranging Technique for 2.4GHz ISM Band
H. Tubbax, J. Wouters, J. Olbrechts, P. Debacker, P. Spiessens, F. Stubbe, J. Danneels, J. Bauwelinck, X. Yin, G. Torfs, and J. Vandewege (Belgium)
626-023 A Distributed Approach to Connectivity Maintenance in Dynamic Sensor Networks
S. Gabriele and P. Di Giamberardino (Italy)
626-024 General Direction Routing Protocol (GDRP)
S.M. Lydon and H.M. Smith (USA)
626-800 Shared Belief in Communication Constrained Sensor Networks
E. van Foeken, L.J.H.M. Kester, and J. Bergmans (The Netherlands)
Track WSN FreeSubscription
626-012 A Wireless Software Update Device (WSUD) for Sensor Network Applications
C.-C. Lai, S.-S. Chiang, R.-G. Lee, H.-S. Liu, C.-L. Tseng and T.-H. Chang (Taiwan)
626-013 Pheromone based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Barandl and A. Kos (Austria)
626-033 Real-Time Monitoring System for the Detection of Fire and Air Pollutions in City Subway Stations using USN
W.-S. Kang, D.-H. Lee, W.-K. Cho, and J.-H. Yu (Korea)
626-036 Middleware for Context Awareness in Asset Tracking Systems using Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Lee, J. Jo, and C.-S. Pyo (Korea)
Track Power and Energy Applications FreeSubscription
626-001 Single-Axis Fiber Optic Proximity Sensor based on Magnetic Force for Hydrogenerator Applications
C. Floridia, A.C.S. Brgida, F. Borin, D.C. Dini, P. Alcantara Jr., and N. Bramatti (Brazil)
626-018 A Framework Architecture to Simulate Energy-Aware Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Kacso and R. Wismller (Germany)
626-022 Scheduling Above MAC to Maximize battery Lifetime and Throughput in WLANs
E. Regini, D. Lim, and T.S. Rosing (USA)
626-042 Meander-Line Monopoles and Ground Plane Effect: Efficient Small Antennas for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
C.G. Kakoyiannis, G. Stamatiou, A. Karagiannis, and P. Constantinou (Greece)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: ALGORITHM AND PROTOCOL - * Cross-layer design * Data aggregation * Distributed algorithms and complexity analysis * Localization * Medium access control protocols * Mesh and opportunistic networks * Mobility support * Network architectures for sensor networks * Protocols for sensor networks * Redundancy SYSTEM - * Bandwidth management * Data storage and retrieval * Energy efficiency * Fault tolerance and reliability * Middleware design * Power management * Scalability * System debugging and testing * System implementation * Trade-off analysis * Traffic scheduling HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE - * Battery technology * Embedded chip design * Operating system * Programming abstraction * Programming and Interfacing * Sensor interfaces and placement * Software tools for chip programming * Topology control * Transceiver and antenna design * Ubiquitous wireless connectivity APPLICATIONS - * Application evaluation and comparison * Application of ad-hoc and sensor networks * Application requirements * Demos and prototype testing * Potential application areas * Real life WSN applications * RFID * Routing & transport protocol * Self-configuration and maintenance algorithm * Self-healing ad-hoc networks * Sensor-Actor networks * Sensor Tracking * SoC and SiP with integrated sensors * Time synchronization * Target tracking * Trends in technology and standards * Ubiquitous and ambient networks SECURITY - * Base station secure management * Encryption algorithm * Data aggregation * Information processing * Integrity control * Location and mobility * Mechanisms for authentication * Mobility * QoS * Reconfigurability * Security and encryption * Sensor security PERFORMANCE EVALUATION - * Modeling and validation of sensor network architectures * Monitoring tools * Performance comparison on capacity, coverage and connectivity * Performance measurement * Simulation and theoretical analysis * Tracing and trace analysis

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