Graphics and Visualization in Engineering    (GVE 2007)

January 3 – 5, 2007
Clearwater, Florida, USA
Editor(s): M.S. Alam
146 pages
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Track Modelling and Simulation FreeSubscription
562-003 Modeling and Visualization of Robotic Arms
R. Manseur (USA)
562-035 Efficient, Robust, BEM (Boundary Element Method) based Method for Simulating Articulated 3D Elastic Object Models
T. Watanabe and J. Ohya (Japan)
562-064 Calibration Requirements of an Automotive HUD Interface using a Virtual Environment: Methodology and Implementation
V. Charissis, M. Naef, and M. Patera (UK)
Track Image Processing FreeSubscription
562-004 Implementation and Optimization of Wavelet and Symmetry Features for Vision-based Pedestrian Detection
S. Schauland and A. Kummert (Germany)
562-005 Robust Object Segmentation using Probability-based Background Extraction Algorithm
C.-C. Chiu, L.-w. Liang, M.-Y. Ku, B.-F. Wu, and Y.-C. Luo (Taiwan)
562-012 A Practical EEG Study on Autism using Artificial Neural Networks
X. You, N. Teng, M. Ayala, L. Wang, A. Barreto, N. Rishe, and M. Adjouadi (USA)
562-022 Can EEG Processing Reveal Seizure Prediction Patterns?
M.T. Tito, M. Ayala, I. Yaylali, M. Cabrerizo, A. Barreto, N. Rishe, and M. Adjouadi (USA)
562-042 On the Security of a Fragile Digital Image Watermarking Scheme
J. Sang (PRC), M.S. Alam (USA), and X. Zhu (PRC)
562-057 Efficient Multiple Independent Motion Segmentation from an Active Platform by Utilizing Modified RANSAC
Y. Xie and J. Ohya (Japan)
562-058 Level Set Method based Tongue Segmentation in Traditional Chinese Medicine
F. Zou, D. Yang, S. Li, J. Xu, and C. Zhou (PRC)
562-804 Contrast Enhancement of Color Images based on Wavelet Transform and Human Visual System
D. Xiao and J. Ohya (Japan)
Track Imaging and Visualization FreeSubscription
562-002 Direct, Gradient-based Volume Rendering of Large-Scale Biomedical Data for Immersive Displays
J. Meyer and H.T. Nguyen (USA)
562-021 MIND: A Tiled Display Visualization System at CATE/FIU
J. Delgado, M.R. Guillen, M. Lahlou, M. Adjouadi, A. Barreto, and N. Rishe (USA)
562-059 Interactive Visualization of Regional Ocean Modeling System
Y. Shen, J.R. Crouch, J.A. Austin, and M.S. Dinniman (USA)
562-062 Towards a Periodic Table of Visualization Methods of Management
R. Lengler and M.J. Eppler (Switzerland)
562-063 Facet Detection and Visualizing Local Structure in Graphs
D. Vrajitoru (USA)
Track Multimedia Processing FreeSubscription
562-010 Integration of Multimedia Design Technics in 3D Environment
B. Buttarazzi and G. Urraci (Italy)
562-011 The Development of a Generic Signing Avatar
L. van Zijl and J. Fourie (South Africa)
562-030 Performance Evaluation for Real-Time Cartoon Rendering using GPU
L. Li and C. Chenery (Australia)
Track Vision and Navigation FreeSubscription
562-027 A 3D Shape Descriptor: 4D Hyperspherical Harmonics "An Exploration into the Fourth Dimension"
B. Bonvallet, N. Griffin, and J. Li (USA)
562-031 Real-Time Autonomous Pedestrian Navigation with Groups
Z. Wang and J. Cremer (USA)
562-033 Techniques for Computerized Cloud Rendering: A User Study
M. Maskey and T.S. Newman (USA)
562-038 QoS Weighted Scheduling: Real-Time Streaming of Multi-Resolution Video
Y. Won, Y. Jeon, J. Jeong, I. Jang, and S. Hong (Korea)
562-044 The Foundations of Photo-Realistic Rendering: From Quantum Electrodynamics to Maxwell's Equations
D.C. Banks (USA) and L. Abu-Raddad (UK)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to the following: Visualization - * Virtual Reality * 3D Modelling * Software Visualization * Visualization Algorithms * Illumination * Radiosity * Rendering Algorithms * Motion Control * Geometric Modelling; Graphics - * 2D Computer Graphics * 3D Computer Graphics * Interactive Computer Graphics * Computer Graphics Software * Geometric Transformations * Spatial Relations * Graphics over the Internet * Graphical User Interface; Imaging - * Image Acquisition * Image Manipulation * Holographic Imaging * Object Reconstruction and Representation * Image Processing * Pattern Recognition; Applications - * Computer Games * CAD/CAE (Computer Aided Design and Engineering) * Animation * Facial and Hand Gesture Recognition * Computer Vision * Human-Computer Interaction * Visual Data Analysis and Modelling.

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