Law and Technology    (LawTech 2006)

October 9 – 11, 2006
Cambridge, MA, USA
Editor(s): Carole D. Hafner, Maureen O'Rourke
126 pages
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Track Legal Protection for Database Contents FreeSubscription
545-018 Intersections of Law and Technology in Balancing Privacy Rights with Free Information Flow
C. Johnson and R. Agrawal (USA)
545-023 Technology-based Research Agenda on the Data Protection Law
O. Pitkänen (Finland)
545-048 Reutilization and Legal Protection of Non-Copyrightable Database Contents
H. Zhu and S.E. Madnick (USA)
Track Legal Issues in Nano- and Bio-Technology FreeSubscription
545-001 Mind the Gaps … Law and Nano: Legal and Regulatory Challenges
A.B. Munir (Malaysia)
545-019 Patent Strategy in the Nanotech Patent Explosion
D.J. Dykeman (USA)
545-034 Identifying DNA For Privacy Protection under the Law
J.A. Gladstone (USA)
Track Innovative Legal Applications of IT FreeSubscription
545-014 Online Dispute Resolution: Bumpy Road in India though Future Looks Bright
A.K. Agarwal (India)
545-035 Verifiable Electronic Voting System: An Open Source Solution
H. Kaminski and M. Perry (Canada)
545-047 Cadral: A Progammable Knowledge-based Framework for e-Administration
T. Tamisier, F. Feltz, C. Gjorgjieva, L. Protin, and Y. Didry (Luxembourg)
Track Intellectual Property I: Legal Text Mining FreeSubscription
545-008 Product Patent for the Pharmaceutical Sector - The Indian Perspective
K. Nagappa (India)
545-009 Performance Rights for Software
M. Perry and S.M. Watt (Canada)
545-026 Mining Legal Text to Create a Litigation History Database
M. Chaudhary, C. Dozier, G. Atkinson, G. Berosik, X. Guo, and S. Samler (USA)
Track Intellectual Property II: Software Patents FreeSubscription
545-004 Patentable Computer-Related Parameter Setting Components: Current Issues and Future Trends
H. Sasaki (Japan)
545-017 Patenting of Business Methods and Software: Issues and Implications for e-Commerce
M.J. Adeler (Canada)
545-039 Software Patents: An Indian Perspective
Anirudh K. and V. Anjanakshi (India)
Track e-Privacy FreeSubscription
545-032 Property of Privacy and Control of Electronic Communications
N. Lugaresi (Italy)
545-041 Timing as a Factor in Privacy Protection
G. Bernstein (USA)
545-801 Parasiteware: Unlocking Personal Privacy
D.B. Garrie (USA) and R. Wong (UK)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
545-802 Discretionary Judicial Sentencing: Decision Making and Decision Support
A. Vincent and J. Zeleznikow (Australia)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 1. Information Technology Law - Electronic privacy and civil liberties; Intellectual Property; Internet regulation; 2. Legal Informatics/Artificial Intelligence and Law - Legal resources on the Internet; Online dispute resolution; Software implementation of legislation and regulations; Legal document processing; Judicial decision support systems; Negotiation and argumentation models and systems; 3. Interdisciplinary Topics - Information security/computer crime; Content-based filters for restricting Web site access; Technology-enabled identity verification; Digital Rights Management: Frameworks and Implementation; Health care information systems; Electronic commerce.

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