Cadral: A Progammable Knowledge-based Framework for e-Administration

T. Tamisier, F. Feltz, C. Gjorgjieva, L. Protin, and Y. Didry (Luxembourg)


Juridical decision support systems, Procedural agent, Knowledge representation, Information retrieval, Graphical visualization.


As decision support systems become widely used to disentangle intricate situations and perform sophisticated analysis, the management and visualization of their knowledge form the key points to ensure the system’s proper functioning and keep an intuitive view of its expected behavior. This paper introduces Cadral, a customizable automated tool used for processing family benefits applications at the National Family Benefits Fund of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Handled administrative procedures are very complex due to the local open-economy where individual cases pertain to different national, supra-national and bilateral legal frameworks. This procedural knowledge is accessed through 2 different views. In the analytical view, the knowledge is modeled on elementary if-then rules, which are processed by a resolution engine written in the Soar architecture. The synthetic view offers a pictorial representation of all the knowledge, and in particular, shows the inter-dependence of the rules and their legal references. In this architecture the legal data (as such subject to frequent evolution, dismissal, or addition) forming the system's knowledge can be easily updated by a non-computer specialized user. In addition to allowing an efficient processing, the system checks the coherence of the legal framework and guarantees the equitability of individual decisions.

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