Simulating Intelligent Emergent Behaviour Amongst Termites to Repair Breaches in Nest Walls

C.J. Scogings and K.A. Hawick (New Zealand)


Termites, Agent based Models, Emergent Behaviour, Autonomous Systems


Termites exhibit complex and emergent behaviour that is still poorly understood in terms of both causes and mechanisms. We explore emergent cooperative behaviour amongst systems of simulated termites through a microscopic model capable of supporting realistic numbers of individual termites in a nest. We explore possible individual characteristics of a model termite as they might respond to breaches in the nest wall. We report on how a simulated thermal gradient may suffice as a communications mechanisms that enables individual termites to cooperate in repair of a wall breach of their nest or mound on behalf of their macroscopic community. We review how intelligent agent-based models could explain some observed termite collective behaviours.

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