Toward Accurate Synthetic Age Progression of Three Dimensional Face Models for Adult Aging Representation

E.K. Patterson (USA)


Face aging, age progression, threedimensional face


Aging affects the appearance of the human face in a variety of ways that can influence human and machine recognition of individuals. There have been several manual methods employed to aid forensics, law enforcement, and other applications, but these are largely artistically driven. Synthetically generating age-progressed or age-regressed images using automated, data-driven techniques may offer improved accuracy and flexibility over traditional methods, as well as offer improvements for biometric technologies. There has been growing interest in synthetic age-progression of the human face in recent years, but the small amount of work to date has primarily focused on the age-progression of two-dimensional images. This paper presents novel work in age-progression of three-dimensional face models and discusses aspects of this new area of work.

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