A Cost-Effective Allocation Scheme for Contents and Video Servers in Content Networks

Mingfu. Li and C.-H. Wu (Taiwan)


Content Network, Video Server, Multimedia on Demand, Storage Allocation, Content Management, Hit Rate.


The least-cost content network, which takes the storage and bandwidth costs into account, is designed1 . The proposed content network is composed of several peer service areas, and the video servers are classified into two types: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 video servers only store the contents with higher hit rates, while Type 2 video servers store the other contents with lower hit rates. The number of each type of video servers and the storage allocation of contents are determined by the hit rate distribution. The allocation strategy aims at minimizing the cost of the proposed con tent network. Numerical results show that the proposed allocation scheme can save a large percentage of storage space and achieve the least cost for the content network. Thus, we believe that implementing the proposed alloca tion algorithm is of benefit to the content network operators for reducing the operating expenses.

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