A Study on Agent for Integration of Scattered Human Resources Information

H.-J. Han, J.-H. Park, I.-Y. Yeo, K.-R. Shon, and Y.-H. Yae (Korea)


Human Resources Information System, Agent, Data Integration, Data Synchronization, Database, NTIS


Each country has some information systems to manage human resources which participate in national R&D research activities. But it is very difficult to connect or integrate these systems or data, because many national institutes manage their own system. And the human resources information data is not only scattered around several systems but also created and managed duplicately. So it needed to define a main system for integrated management national R&D human resources information. In this paper, an agent based implementation for integration and connection of national R&D human resources information is described. The human resources information system based on the proposed agent offers many useful services to users and supports systematic collection of human resources data, use of the newest information, and establishment of the national policy.

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