An Algorithm for Matching Resource based on Semantics and QoS in Manufacturing Grid

Y. He, T. Yu, and D. Hu (PRC)


Manufacturing grid (MG), ontology, semantics, Quality of service (QoS), and resource matching


Efficient and accurate resource matching is crucial in Manufacturing Grid (MG). The goal of MG is to implement resource sharing and collaboration, so as to perform users’ manufacturing tasks and provide better Quality of Service (QoS). Aiming at the problem that semantic information is represented insufficiently when resources are searched in MG, we propose an algorithm for matching resources with tasks based on semantics and QoS. From the point of view based on semantics and QoS, the main framework of resource matchmaking is constructed, in which three processes are included: task modeling, resource modeling, semantic modeling and resource matchmaking. On the basis of resource representation model and manufacturing features-oriented job representation model, combining with the research results of semantic web, some pivotal concepts are defined about the matchmaking resources. Finally, by means of a functional semantic extending method based on the ontology and QoS, the manufacturing resource matchmaking algorithm is constructed.

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