E-Ticketing with Visual Seat Allocation for Entertainment Industry

A. Gautam (India) and H. Shi (Australia)


Multimedia, web application, Internet, e-Commerce, e Ticketing and entrainment industry


This paper presents a framework aimed at the use of multimedia and web technologies to create an e-Ticketing system that allows users to virtually see their seat allocation and the viewing angle towards a theatre screen. This application combines multimedia elements present on web to produce and provide one of the most fascinating experiences to the end user. All the aspects of this interactive, innovative application are presented via a fictitious theatre company called Wide Angle Entertainment (WAE) throughout the paper. The concepts of WAE e-Ticketing system were developed in 2002 as an e-Commerce project. However, some features are still leading the area of e-Ticketing in 2007. In this paper, first Internet and online business associated with entertainment industry are reviewed. The proposed business model and system model are then given. Development and implementation of e-Ticketing system for WAE from a business point of view are also detailed. Finally conclusion and future direction are addressed. It is believed that the viewing angle concept will provides a better user experience and lead to more online ticket sales. It is expected that the viewing angle concept will be adopted by the entertainment industry next year or two.

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