Object-Oriented Case-based Reasoning System for New Product Development

C.T. Ho (Taiwan)


New product development, case-based reasoning, object oriented


The objective of this research is to develop a case-based reasoning system (CBRS) to assist engineers develop new products in shorter time by providing important relevant information about the product under development. The framework of the system is built upon the product data management system (PDMS). Most of the product data is stored in the PDMS. Only the relevant information is stored in the CBRS. An object-oriented framework was used to organize the relevant information of the product. The system can retrieve information of the most relevant design cases by comparing the attributes in the cases. The class structure and necessary attributes in the class used to describe the product can be defined by users. UML modeling is used to model the system. The pilot implementation is web centric and Tomcat of Apache Software Foundation is used as the main server tool. The back-light modules in TFT-LCD display design is used as the examples in the pilot system

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