Implementation of Miniaturized Telemetry Module for Biomedical Signal Transmission at Wearable Computing

H.J. Park, J.S. Jin, J.H. Lee, S.H. Woo, Y.K. Moon, J.H. Cho, and Y.N. Kim (Korea)


Wearable computer, ubiquitous healthcare, telemetry, biomedical signal, personal area network


In order to monitor the variation of body temperature from multi-patient in real-time in the hospital room, a miniaturized wireless telemetry module based on PAN was designed and implemented in this paper. The transmitting part of telemetry system consists of a temperature sensor, a miniaturized UHF transmitter with a transmitting antenna, a microprocessor for data encoding, and a battery. The diameter and thickness of implemented transmitter are 20 mm and 3 mm respectively. The receiving part consists of a receiving antenna, a RF receiver, and a processor for data decoding, and the decoded data was transformed to RS232C format to be transferred to computer. From the experimental result in the simulation environment that resembles a hospital room, the implemented telemetry module was verified to operate well with sufficient reliability.

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