A Subscription based Generic Medical Event Management System for Telemedicine Applications

G. Sorwar and D. Blair (Australia)


Telemedicine, mobile health, ehealth, telemonitoring, Home Care


Healthcare is a critical social issue all over the world nowadays, especially in small town or rural areas where expert doctors, nurses, electronics equipments and other infrastructures are not adequate. As a promising approach to address this issue, telemedicine has received much attention. This paper describes the problem environment and presents a solution to the problems of communication between care providers and patients in the Senior Care services environment in Australia. The proposed telemedicine solution exploits the cutting-edge communication technologies to address the complex needs of the patients and service delivery organisations involved in the Senior Care domain. This paper also presents some simulation results to demonstrate the functionality of the proposed system to successfully dispatch Biomedical device (BMD) status information to the appropriate service personnel.

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