The Essential Harmonics of Arterial Blood Pressure Signals

A.J. Ebenal, S. Vasana, and T. Shine (USA)


Signal Processing, Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), and Arterial Blood Pressure (ABP)


The human circulatory system serves as a pathway for transporting oxygen and other important molecules throughout body. To gain a clear view of the hemodynamics behind the arterial circuit mathematically understanding and describing the mechanics of the cardiovascular system pertaining to the arterial circuit is studied and presented in the paper. Within the constraints of the systemic circuit (left ventricle to capillary bed) the primary goal is to gather as many insights to the functionality of the Arterial Blood Pressure (ABP) system. In this endeavor it was necessary to properly and accurately gather sampled data from patients. After gathering the initial sets of data from 7 patients and applying the Fourier analysis procedures, we used physiological understanding to discover the factors affecting the formulation of ABP signal waveforms. The analysis is emphasized on 1st and 2nd harmonics and their patterns associated with patient conditions in liver transplant operations.

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