Simulated Neonatal Intensive Care Units to Support Neonatologist International Mobility

C. McGregor and B. Kneale (Australia)


Data Transmission, WebBased TeleHealth, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Intensive care units (ICUs) worldwide offer support for patients in need of critical care. They boast a range of state-of-the-art medical monitoring devices to monitor a patient’s physiological parameters such as blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate. Other devices such as ventilators offer mechanical life support. While much of the existing research enabling ICT support for ICUs has focussed on the delivery of alerts, these approaches do not support mobility well. The Bush Babies on Broadband project aims to support NICU patient and care provider mobility. A key benefit of the Bush Babies on Broadband framework is that it is available to link regional hospitals with the supporting NICU Neonatologist ‘on demand’ eliminating the need to establish permanent point to point connections. The focus of this paper is on the reapplication of the Bush Babies on Broadband architecture to support mobility of the care provider. The ability of a Neonatologist to access multi-media information for babies contained within their neonatal intensive care unit, while located overseas is tested and results are presented.

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