An Agent-based Self Risk Assessment and Monitoring System for Cardiovascular Disease Patients

J.-I. Pan, K.-J. Huang, Y.-H. Lee, C.-K. Yang, and S.-Y. Shih (Taiwan)


Cardiovascular disease (CVD), evidencebased medicine (EBM), health monitoring, multiagent system, self risk assessment, webbased homecare.


Cardiovascular disease has become one of the most critical chronic diseases today. In this paper, we proposed an agent-based system for cardiovascular disease patients to assess the risk and to monitor their health situation by themselves. There are two main objectives of this development: First, to help the people to assess their risk in cardiovascular disease based on the evidence-based medicine, and provides people with the knowledge of risk factors of cardiovascular disease; second, to collect the patient’s health information for a period of time, and then facilitate the physicians to take follow-up of the cardiac patients. The intelligent software agents are served for communication between patients and physicians, and for managing the patient’s information. This system is implemented on a web-based application; therefore the people can use it anytime and anywhere.

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