An Information Delivery and Display System for Deaf People in Times of Disaster

A. Ito, H. Murakami, Y. Watanabe, M. Fujii, T. Yabe, Y. Haraguchi, Y. Tomoyasu, Y. Kakuda, T. Ohta, and Y. Hiramatsu (Japan)


Mobile ad hoc network, Disaster Information, Mobile phone and Bluetooth


There are about 90million high performance mobile phones used in Japan. We are now planning to develop new applications of mobile phone to support children, elder and disabled people who are out of scope of major mobile phone. We have a responsibility to extend the application field of mobile phone as a leading country of Ubiquitous Life. This paper discusses an information delivery and display system for deaf people in time of disaster application based on their requirements by applying mobile ad hoc networks using Bluetooth functions equipped on a mobile phone. Hierarchical mobile ad hoc networks using Bluetooth in a mobile phone are developed as a test platform. We considered following six issues as requirements for an information delivery and display system; (1) Accurate information rapidly, (2) Appropriate information according to individual situation, (3) Robust equipment to display information definitely, (4) Applicable for the use in daily life, (5) No complicated operation, (6) Work when blackout. We describe summary of result of a demonstration of our system for about 20 deaf people in January 2007 based on questionnaire. Overall evaluation result was good, however, several issues to be improved were appeared.

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