A Nonlinear Viscoelastic Model for Pre-Puncture Liver Deformation by a Needle

B. Chebbi (Canada)


Biomechanics, tissue indentation, surgical simulation, nonlinear elasticity, and viscoelasticity.


An analytical model for the pre-puncture forces and deformation of liver tissue under the action of a needle is developed. The model is based on a solution of the nonlinear Boussinesq problem of a half space deformation by a compressive concentrated load. It is extended to account for viscoelasticity effects. Measurements from the literature of load and liver pre-puncture deformation by a needle, at varying deformation rates, are used to assess the model. A good degree of success is attained. The model is ideal for simulating needle caused deformation of large organs in real time surgical trainers and has the potential of being extended to the whole region of deformation.

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