Applications of Tele-Health Technology in Endocrine Surgery: Indian Experience

P.V. Pradeep, A. Mishra, L. Kapoor, R. Daman, and S.K. Mishra (India)


Telehealth, Telemedicine applications, e Health, Endocrine surgery


Telemedicine applications are being rapidly integrated into clinical practice. Endocrine surgery, a relatively newer sub-specialty of surgery, has achieved its growth due to the advancements in imaging modalities, newer hormonal assay techniques and minimally invasive surgery. However, application of tele-health technology modules has now added new dimensions to the growth of this specialty. In this paper, we discuss our experience in using telemedicine applications in the field of endocrine surgery in India. We use tele-consultation, tele-education, tele-CME/ workshop, surgical treatment planning, tele pathology, tele-radiology, tele-follow up and telementoring modules in the field of Endocrine surgery. Apart from these modules we have successfully implemented telemedicine technology in reinforcement of short course training with further long term mentoring. Our experience in these fields has demonstrated the effectiveness of telemedicine applications in the fields of patient care, training, education and skill development. Developing an enterprise network of telemedicine linking resource centers would bridge the knowledge and skill divide.

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