Scheduling Strategy for Multimedia Storage System with Heterogeneous Workload

T. Kim, J. Park, and K. Koh (Korea)


Multimedia system, real-time, disk scheduling, QoS


For multimedia storage system with heterogeneous I/O workload, disk scheduling strategies should guarantee the QoS (Quality of Service) of real-time requests with timing constraints while maximizing the disk utilization. In this paper, we present a novel real-time disk scheduling algorithm that optimizes the seek time overhead of all I/O requests while meeting the deadlines of real-time requests. Our algorithm basically services the real-time requests prior to the best-effort requests while moving the disk head like SCAN. It attempts to service the best-effort requests as long as it does not violate the deadlines of real-time requests by analyzing the slack times of real time requests. Through trace-driven simulation, we show that our algorithm exhibits the superior performance in terms of response time, throughput, and QoS guarantee for real-time requests.

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