The Study on the Parameters used in Calculating Correlative Dimension

J. Dang (PRC)


Fractal theory, G.P. algorithm, reconstruction phase space, correlative dimension and time-series.


In the numerical value analysis of fractal dimension based on one-dimension data series, the analyzing results achieved by different parameters are difference. This should affect the quantitative analysis of fractal system characteristics and the reliability of results achieved. In this paper, the parameters used in calculating correlative dimension with G.P. algorithm are studied both in theory and in practice. The criterion of the choice of the dimensions of the phase space reconstructed is discussed. The volume of one-dimension data series is analyzed. The range of the scalar quantity r and its data sequence is proposed. Some conclusions are achieved which should be useful for the application of fractal theory in radar signal processing, seismic data processing, underwater acoustic signal analyzing, target recognition and other fields.

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