Synchronization in a Network of Chua's Circuits

C. Posadas-Castillo, C. Cruz-Hernández, and R.M. López-Gutierrez (Mexico)


Chaos synchronization, dynamical networks, complex sys tems, Chua’s circuit.


In this paper, multiple synchronization of Chua’s circuits in chaotic behavior is presented. We consider complex net works composed by Chua’s circuits (as cells or nodes) cou pled through of the first state of each cell. We impose the particular dynamics from a master cell to all cells (slaves) of the complex network. That is, synchronization is ob tained in all the states of the cells. We obtain complete synchronization of Chua’s circuits in complex networks, when the cells are coupled in different topologies: glob ally coupled network, nearest-neighbor coupled network, and star coupled network. Some illustrative examples are also given.

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