The Simulation Research of Synchronization Control between Different Chaotic Systems

Y. Tang, J.-a. Fang, Y. Cao (PRC), and G. Gu (PRC, USA)


Different chaotic systems, synchronization control, unified chaotic system, nonlinear control laws, analog circuit


Considering the current situation that the chaos synchronization between similar chaotic systems is studied primarily, this paper addresses the synchronization control between two different chaotic systems by means of nonlinear control laws. Moreover, synchronization between a new chaotic system and a unified chaotic system has been investigated in this article. By the method of nonlinear control laws, the control function is designed and the parameter’s range is obtained when the two different systems are synchronous. Numerical simulations’ results by Matlab indicate the feasibility of the method. As an application, the proposed scheme is then applied to design the analog circuit by EWB, which obtains the same results with that of Matlab. Furthermore, the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed chaos synchronization scheme.

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