Self-Temperature Compensation of NDIR CO2 Gas Sensor

J.S. Park, H.C. Cho, and S.H. Yi (Korea)


IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), CO2 gas sensor, Non-dispersive Infrared, STC (Self-Temperature Compensation), Concave mirrors


This paper describes NDIR CO2 gas sensor that shows the characteristics of self-temperature compensation. It consists of novel optical cavity that has two elliptical mirrors and a thermopile detector that includes ASIC chip in the same metal package for the amplification of detector output voltage and temperature sensor. The newly developed sensor module shows high accuracy (less than +/- 40 ppm) throughout the measuring concentration of CO2 gas from 0 ppm to 2,000 ppm. After implementing the calculation methods of gas concentration, which is based upon the experimental results, the proto sensor module shows high ac curacy less than +/- 5 ppm error throughout the measuring temperature range (15 °C to 35 °C ) and gas concentrations.

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