Soft Burst Mode Dimming Control for CCFL Inverter

G.-C. Hsieh and M.-C. Wu (Taiwan)


soft burst mode controller, CCFL inverter, soft burst PWM signal


:A soft burst mode dimming controller is explored for a CCFL inverter without spike agitation on the lamp current and lamp voltage. The soft-burst signal is an exponential-duty-modulated PWM profile formed by a prescribed damping ratio step signal compared with a reference sawtooth signal. The soft burst PWM signal can provide a soft start during each burst dimming process and still keep the lamp current stable and lamp luminance uniform. Thus, no spike and no thermostat effect occur in the lamp during wide dimming range. The proposed strategy can provide low loss and low EMI for the CCFL inverter and especially for extending the lamp life in use. A design and an experiment are conducted for verifying the theoretical predictions.

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