A Power Allocation and Control Algorithm for Digital Subscriber Lines

A. Rashdi and N.M. Sheikh (Pakistan)


Multiuser Systems, Multiuser Channels, VDSL, Crosstalk Cancellation, Power Allocation, Waterfilling.


The performance of multiuser systems like digital subscriber line (DSL) systems is severely limited by the crosstalk produced by its neighboring lines. Without crosstalk cancellation or multiuser power allocation and control, DSL systems suffer from near-far problem: the user close to the central office limits the performance of the user far from the central office. Crosstalk cancellation can be done at the central office but it results in very high computational complexity which grows with the number of users. In this paper we present a multiuser communication strategy which combines multiuser power allocation and control method based on iterative waterfilling with crosstalk cancellation but considering only the dominant crosstalkers and subchannels. Simulation results for VDSL users in the near far scenario show that our approach enlarges the rate region achieved by simple power allocation and control algorithm based on iterative waterfiling.

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