A Design Method of FIR Filter with Variable Stopbands

S. Takahashi, N. Aikawa, M. Nakatani, and Y. Wakasa (Japan)


FIR filter, Variable stopbandsCSemidefinite Program mingCChebychev characteristic


In this paper, we define filters capable of changing fre quency response as variable digital filters (VDFs). In the previous VDF having changed a piecewise large attenua tion characteristic in the stopband, it is difficult to decrease the filter degree to two or more, changing noises. We pro pose a transfer function of FIR filters with changing some large attenuations in the stopband by using spectral param eters and its design method. The number of spectrum pa rameters used here uses the number of changing stopbands. In this method, the minimization problems are formulated as semidefinite programming (SDP) in the frequency do main. Moreover, we present that the proposed VDF can be implemented using Farrow structure. Finally, we confirm the effectiveness of this method through numerical exam ples.

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