3D FEM Analysis of EM Force on End Winding Structure for Electrical Rotating Machines

M.S. Manna, S. Marwaha, and A. Marwaha (India)


Finite element method, end winding, electromagnetic force distribution


In the recent designs of electrical rotating machines, the emphasis is to have high capacity and electrical loading without comparable increase in size. Therefore the end winding support structure becomes more significant to withstand with large stress developed due to electromagnetic forces. The end winding support structure of large rotating machine is designed to ensure that the stress in copper or insulation of the end windings do not exceed acceptable limits under transient or steady state conditions. Thus it is prerequisite to its design, it is necessary to calculate forces and the associated stress. This paper deals with stress calculation which happens due to electromagnetic forces especially at then end winding and supporting ring. The three dimensional finite element method is used to get results on 950 KW high voltage 6600 volts induction motor.

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