Analysis of Compound Noise in Nanometer Scale Circuits: Capacitive Coupling and Leakage Noises

P. Khaled, C.M. Tan, and M.H. Chowdhury (USA)



Traditional analysis deals with one noise source at a time. However, in nanometer scale circuits the evolving reality of multiple noise sources interacting with each other must be considered, since signal at an evaluation node will reflect the cumulative effect of all the active noise sources. This gives rise to a new approach – compound noise analysis. In this paper, an analysis of the combined effects of coupled and leakage noise is proposed. The proposed technique does not rely on simulation tools, and provides an insight to the behavior of individual noise sources when combined together on an evaluation node. The model analyzes the noise effects dynamically with time, thus providing effective evaluation of signal integrity in high speed switching circuitry. Here coupling from multiple simultaneously switching aggressors, and leakage from more than one sources are modeled.

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