Wide-Diameters of the Hyper-L Triple-Loop Network

H.-W. Chang and S.-Y. Chen (Taiwan)


Triple-loop network, Hyper- L tile, Wide-diameter.


The wide-diameter of a network has been considered as an important measurement of fault-tolerance. The k wide-diameter of a network is defined as the minimum length l such that, between any two nodes, there are k disjoint paths each of length at most l . With small diameter D and simple structure, the hyper- L triple-loop network, denoted by ),,( nmlHL , has been showed to be a good construction for a triple-loop network so far. Hwang and Lin proved that the k -wide-diameter of the hyper- L triple-loop network is at most 1−+ kD . In this paper, we exactly determine the k -wide-diameter of the hyper- L triple-loop network for 3,2=k . We show that the 2-wide-diameter of the hyper-L triple-loop network is D ; and the 3-wide-diameter is 1+D except two cases.

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