A Novel Image Compression Algorithm for Hardware Implementation

S. Chen, S. Yang, and Q. Wu (PRC)


Image compression, Zerotree coding, SPIHT(Set Partition in Hierarchical Trees), LZC(Listless Zerotree Coding)


SPIHT is an advanced image embedded zerotree coding algorithm, but it needs too many memories for hardware real-time implementation. LZC requires reduced memories, but the coding order of spatial sub-bands is unreasonable. In this paper, a new image compression algorithm is presented. By using the idea of LZC to reduce the memory and based on a set partition method of SPIHT, this algorithm preserves the high performance of SPIHT algorithm and greatly reduces memories. In order to improve compression ratio further, run-length coding is used simultaneously. The experimental results show that the new algorithm not only has the properties of good vision effect, but also performs better than that of LZC and SPIHT algorithms in the aspects of the quality of image reconstruction and PSNR under the same ratio of compression.

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