An Overview of Prepaid Water Meters in Botswana

L. Amusa, R. Chanda, M.A. Mpotokwane, and E. Segosebe (Botswana)


Communal standpipe, water wastage, prepaid water meter, community and Botswana.


For over 38 years, communal standpipes have represented the main source of household water especially in the rural areas in Botswana. Growing concerns over the excessive amount of water wastage from this water source however has been a major concern of government in recent years. In response, prepaid water meters are being installed in major villages and rural communities across the country in an attempt to reduce wastage of water. This paper discusses the opportunities provided by this technology in terms of reducing water wastage as well as the socio economic constraints it imposes on beneficiary communities in Botswana.

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