Sustaining Life - Learning and (More Than) Water

J. Goricanec and T. Hiley (Australia)


Water, learning, sustainability, alternatives, farming, change


We note with interest that this conference is for environmentally sound technology in sustainable water resource use and management. In this paper we will look at sustainability and appropriate technology in relation to the nature of learning required to affect the desired outcomes. We use the particular case of farming in Australia, where water is a critical component of the sustainability predicament in which we find ourselves. In the first section we draw on the use of water, among other things, in an Australian agricultural setting, where European land management practices are deeply embedded as a result of the application of these practices over the past 150 years. We also provide a series of images that suggest, are evocative of, our text. In the second section we link the practices previously discussed to different types of learning and the implications of those types. The final section poses emergent questions for those of us interested in sustainability. This paper is a ‘work in progress’, an attempt to introduce and ‘open out’ possibilities of new guiding principles and to invite ‘learning to learn with others’ moments with others who are equally interested in environmentally sound technology in water resources management.

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